‘Where Is Her Husband?’: Keke Wyatt Seen with Mystery Man Months After Saying Estranged Husband Was Her ‘First Love’

Keke Wyatt may be soft-launching a new relationship just in time for the summer heat. The singer left fans feeling baffled after footage of her out on the town with what many believe to be the new man in her life surfaced on social media.

The only issue is that no one received the memo about the marriage to her third husband, Zackariah David Darring, being over. The couple wed in October 2018 and share two biological children, Ze’Kyah Jean and Ke’Riah David. Wyatt is also a mother to nine others, with whom she shares with ex-husbands Michael Jamar Ford and Rahmat Morton.

keke wyatt with mystery man
Keke Wyatt shocks fans after being spotted with a mystery man on a date. (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Well-known Atlanta photographer Freddyo shared a longer video of the former “R&B Divas: Atlanta” cast member as she enjoyed an evening at a bowling alley.

In his footage, she is shown being guided from behind by an unidentified man. The narrative that she found romance yet again took off when the clip landed on The Shade Room.

“She’s proof that those kids ain’t stopping NOTHING!” wrote an Instagram user. Though the comments quickly pivoted into questions about Darring’s whereabouts. “I thought she was still married. I’m behind!” Upped another individual. A third comment asked, “But where is yo husband???”

Keke Wyatt steps out with new men amid speculated split from husband Zackariah David Darring. (Photos: Freddyo via The Shade Room/Instagram; Keke_wyatt/Instagram.

Wyatt shared a similar clip of the outing, this time she made sure that her alleged beau was not shown.

Still, her fans wanted to know what was going on with her love life. “Harpo who dis man” and “you gotta another man,” were just two of the remarks from people observing the gentleman’s presence.

Less than a year ago, Wyatt sat down with Atlanta Black Star, where she spoke mostly lovingly about her husband. She explained how her biggest record, “My First Love,” a duet with Avant, deeply resonated with her more now than it did 24 years ago because of her relationship.

She and Darring were childhood friends who first dated when she was in the seventh grade. They reconnected over a decade ago. “I’m with my first love again,” she said before joking that he gets on her last nerve.

“If I had known that being with him — I’m just playing. No, like formal, like, everybody doesn’t get that and it’s so — you know, when I was 13 he was my little boyfriend, and honey, he couldn’t do nothing wrong. Now, he’s my husband and he does everything wrong, but I love it. He does everything right, I’m just playing. He just get on my nerves.”

The vocalist openly spoke about needing help with the pair’s youngest son, Ke’Zyah, who was born with the genetic disorder Trisomy 13 and suffers from a multitude of severe health complications. In a live chat, she spoke as though she was the only one handling the care of the child when her medical aide was not present.

At the time, there was no reason to suspect that Darring was not involved. In the past, he has been praised by fans for his hands-on approach with all 11 of their kids. The entire family appeared on her reality series, “Keke’s World,” which aired last year on We TV.

However, present-day, Wyatt’s social media feed is absent of any updated content with her husband. All that exists are photos and videos of her children, various performances, and moments of her life.

Darring does not have an Instagram account and thus far has not added clarity on the state of his marriage.

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