‘Beyond Reprehensible’: Michigan Woman Sets Ex-Boyfriend’s Home on Fire After Breakup So He Could ‘Feel Her Pain, Kills His Disabled Mother In the Process, Prosecutors Say

A Michigan woman was charged with murder after prosecutors say she lit her ex-boyfriend’s home on fire, which killed his mother and injured two other people.

Cinamon Rigmaiden faces several charges, including felony murder, assault with intent to murder, and two different arson counts after allegedly setting a house fire last week in Detroit.

Cinamon Rigmaiden (left) was charged with murder after allegedly setting her ex-boyfriend’s home on fire and killing his mother in the process. (Photos: Detroit Police Department, YouTube/Fox 2 Detroit)

Authorities say 31-year-old Rigmaiden went to her ex’s home the night of June 3, poured gasoline on the porch, lit it on fire, then walked back to her car and texted her ex, “Your house is on fire.”

Afterward, she reportedly went to McDonald’s and later bought some cocaine.

That fire killed her ex-boyfriend’s mother, 53-year-old Tina Dorrough, and left his uncle and his uncle’s partner with serious injuries. Rigmaiden’s ex wasn’t home at the time.

Prosecutors say Rigmaiden set the fire knowing all three people were still inside because she was there talking with her ex’s uncle 30 minutes before the fire. They also claim she knew Dorrough was partially paralyzed and had mobility issues and torched the home anyway.

Firefighters found Dorrough’s body on the landing of the second floor after extinguishing the fire. Investigators believe she made it there trying to escape before succumbing to her injuries.

The uncle’s partner broke her ankle after she jumped from the second floor to escape the blaze.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Teana Livingston said that Rigmaiden lit the fire after they broke up because she wanted her ex to “feel her pain,” Fox 2 Detroit reports.

Prosecutors said Rigmaiden contemplated her plan for hours before eventually buying $0.75 worth of gasoline that she used to set the house ablaze.

Rigmaiden’s attorneys maintained that their client only wanted to damage the home, not hurt anyone.

“Since when is the solution in the breakup of a relationship setting fire to an occupied house? The alleged actions of the defendant in this case are beyond reprehensible,” Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said. “As a result, there were three innocent victims. A woman has died and two people that were seriously injured.”

Rigmaiden is being held without bond. Her next court hearing is June 14.

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