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‘Stay Up Nahmier’: Fans Applaud Deion Sanders for Offering Support to Nate Robinson’s Teen Son Amid Former NBA Star’s Heartbreaking Health Revelation 

Three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion Nate Robinson, 39, faces one of the most challenging periods of his life as doctors search for a kidney match.

While loved ones maintain hope, some of the athlete’s sports colleagues are rallying to support his three children.

Among those stepping up is coach Deion “Prime Time” Sanders, who during one of Nahmier Robinson’s team practices, checked in on the young football player while his father awaits a life-saving donor. Their 20-second exchange was captured on Sanders’ Coach Prime Cam channel.

“3-4,” Sanders calls out. “3-4. How you doing?”

“I’m good. How are you?” the University of Colorado redshirt freshman cornerback answers.

Sanders grabs the helmet and shakes the guard and says, “You know what I mean. How you doing?”

“I’m doing good,” Nahmier says, as Sanders repeats, “How you doing? If you need us let me know. I’m proud of you, boy. … You ballin’, man. Keep going.”

Sanders, the head football coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, is helping the young NCAA player adjust to the team as well to the challenges of coping with his sickly father’s health issue.

A short clip of the video was posted on X, where some social media users responded, saying, “We love prime” and “Stay up Nahmier.”

Some people questioned why the exchange was recorded, not realizing this was a snippet from the team’s Portal Day and that the coach records to watch the footage later and strengthen where the squad’s weaknesses are.

“If he’s a real one, he would’ve done it off camera!” wrote one critic, while another said, “Yall ask why record this well maybe other coaches will see this and put in an effort to check on how [their] players mental is going this a W in my book.”

Nahmier, 19, is the elder brother to Robinson’s two other children and appears to be holding it together as his dad fights for his life.

During this time, the kids are attempting to maintain some normalcy. His younger brother, Nyale Robinson is following in his father’s footsteps. The 5-foor-10 17-year-old currently is a junior at Skyline High School in suburban Seattle playing on the basketball team. Little is known about the 8-year-old baby of the bunch, Nasir Chakur Robinson.

Nate says that he needs a donor quickly, as his life depends on it.

“I know that I don’t have long if I can’t get a kidney,” the retired NBA star said. “I know I’m not going to have long to live. So I just want to make the best of it as much as I can.”

Nate says that he has been living with the health battle privately since 2021, but decided to share his story with the public with the hopes that he would save someone’s life. He said he hopes to be “the voice for all those who are having trouble speaking about this illness and come together for a greater cause: our health.”

Robinson’s NBA career began in 2005, spanning 11 seasons across eight teams. His last stint was in the 2015-16 season, playing two games with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Despite standing 5 feet 9 inches, which is relatively short by NBA standards, he showcased remarkable athleticism, particularly when it came down to his electrifying dunks. He claimed his first slam dunk contest victory in 2006, repeating the feat in 2009 and 2010.

Post-NBA, he ventured into the Israeli Basketball Premier League, the G League’s Delaware 87ers, and Venezuela’s professional basketball league.

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