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‘Get You One Gayle’: Gayle King Fans Are In Stitches About Her Sly Attempt to Show Oprah Winfrey ‘Sexy’ Bearded Men Not Once, But Twice

Talk show host Gayle King was in Louisville, Kentucky, recently for the annual American Association of Community Colleges convention, where she met the men from The Silverfox Squad LLC.

Her bestie Oprah Winfrey called her on FaceTime just as she was meeting the bearded heartthrobs, and King introduced her to the men not once, but twice.

Gayle King Oprah Winfrey
Gayle King (L) and Oprah Winfrey (R). (Photo: @gayleking / Instagram)

The Silverfox Squad is a group of “dapper, distinguished men” over 50 who have distinctive gray beards and take care of their health. The group consists of Irvin Randle, Jean Titus, Winston Warrior, Darryle Jones, Michael Lynn Johnson Jr., Stephen G. Adkins, Kyle Dutcher, Tommie Johnson and Kendall Gill. As the men were meeting King in Louisville, Oprah happened to call her BFF, and they were introduced to the talk show host.

As King answered Oprah’s call, she let her know that she was on speaker and about to meet the group. “Oprah, I have you on speakerphone,” said King. “I wanted to introduce you to the silver foxes. Are you ready?”

Winfrey replied, “Yeah!”

“Say Hi to Oprah,” said King as she held her phone up to show Winfrey the well-groomed men wearing suits.

Winfrey exclaimed, “Hi, silver foxes!” King went on to note how she found how she found out who the silver foxes were.

“I said, ‘Who are the silver foxes?’ And they said, ‘Men with beards over the age of 50 in shape and inspired. I wanna show you again,” said King as she showed Winfrey the men a second time as the room giggled.

“And there’s one white hot chocolate,” added King as the men corrected her and noted that there were two white hot chocolates.

The Silverfox Squad shared a video of the meeting on April 8 and in the caption, they expressed how “humbled and grateful” for the interaction and to “inspire others with a positive impact!!!”

Social media reacted to the video on Instagram, and one fan told King to “get you one” of the silver foxes in question, as Winfrey already has a silver fox — longtime partner and businessman Stedman Graham, 73.

King divorced her ex-husband William Bumpus in 1993 after catching him in bed with another woman.

“Handsome! Oprah has her silver fox… Gail get you one,” replied one. “Handsome, sexy,” added another. One fan joked, “Gayle, they look like they have all their teeth! Thoughts?”

Others congratulated the group for their inspirational message. “You all deserve the accolades for presenting a positive way of life to our young men today,” wrote one.

The American Association of Community Colleges hosted the annual event, and King was scheduled as the opening speaker while the squad was also on hand to speak about inspiring young people through fashion and lifestyle.

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