Christopher B. Duncan Addresses Hate from ‘Skinfolk’ Criticizing His Interracial Marriage: ‘I’ve Never Lived My Life to Appease Others’

Hateful comments exposing people’s prejudices against interracial relationships are not deterring actor Christopher B. Duncan from sharing snippets of his real life.

“The Jamie Foxx Show” standout set social media abuzz when a post expressing his appreciation for his wife, actress Susan Wood Duncan, and their three teenage children, sons Miles and Brock and daughter Charlie Ann Duncan, was met with shock by those who had no idea he was married to his white co-star.

Christopher B. Duncan addresses haters who took issue with is interracial marriage to actress Susan Wood Duncan. (Photos: @christopherbduncan/Instagram)

Christopher and Susan played love interests Braxton P. Hartnabrig and Cameron “The GPS Girl” Caldwell, respectively, in seasons 3 and 4 of the hit ’90s show.

The sparks that happened on camera continued off the set, as the couple has happily been together for over 25 years. Yet, comments such as “Definitely wasn’t stretching your acting range!!” And “So he definitely is Braxton in real life we knew he wasn’t ending up w skinfolk” are just a sampling of those who seemed to be dissatisfied by the pairing.

The “Original Gangstas” star addressed his relationship being a hot topic in a separate post that featured several photos that showed he and Susan throughout their years together. He began by acknowledging that their real life love story came as a surprise to some, but that “in addition to all of the love in the comments section, it didn’t go unnoticed that there’s some hate and judgments out there as well.”

Speaking directly to those who inquired about his perspective on interracial relationships, Christopher wrote, “I’ve never lived my life to appease others, period. Love is a gift! Hate doesn’t deserve attention, yet it’s an ugly reality in life. If one doesn’t like interracial relationships, then they shouldn’t have one.”

He also lamented that he was not raised with “blinders” on race and love and that he has previously dated Black, brown, and other white women. “I hold my wife’s hand with pride, joy and profound love in my heart for her. She’s an amazing, loving, bright, incredibly talented woman,” he continued. “Plus, I couldn’t have asked for a better Mom to our children!”

The post was met with an outpouring of reactions. “Brother, beautiful family. If you were a black woman with her white husband, there wouldn’t be a peep from these haters,” wrote one fan. Another said, “It’s sad you even had to put that part in this beautiful post. Pls ignore the hate, them ppl are miserable…You have a beautiful family.”

Christopher has appeared in several successful television series and a selection of films since “The Jamie Foxx Show” ended after five seasons in 2001. Susan has an impressive résumé of her own, having appeared on Broadway and in various TV and film roles throughout her 30-year career.

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