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‘We Don’t Stay In Touch’: Christopher B. Duncan Reveals Why He and Jamie Foxx Haven’t Worked Together Since ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ In Resurfaced Clip 

A clip from actor Christopher B. Duncan’s 2021 interview about Jamie Foxx has been making the rounds ever since a comedy outlet reposted the video on YouTube.

Duncan is well-known for his role on “The Jamie Foxx Show” as Jamie’s stuffy enemy Braxton P. Hartnabrig. Braxton’s high-strung, bourgeois attitude endeared fans, but over the years, Duncan has called the experience bittersweet. He has previously opened up about feeling pigeonholed and realizing that there are “people who will always see me as Braxton.” 

Christopher B. Duncan reveals why he and Jamie Foxx haven't worked together since "The Jamie Foxx Show."
Christopher B. Duncan reveals why he and Jamie Foxx haven’t worked together since “The Jamie Foxx Show.”(Photos: @christopherbduncan/Instagram)

He said that that perception may be one of the reasons why he and Jamie Foxx have not been seen in a project together since the show ended.

“My chemistry with Jamie speaks for itself,” said Duncan during an interview with Comedy Hype.

When asked about ongoing work between the two comedic actors,” he said at the 6:19 mark of the interview, “There might be some producers who would be casting said project, who would think well wait a minute that’s Braxton and Jamie.”

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He went on to describe Foxx as a “versatile” actor and “powerhouse of talent,” and even though they reportedly haven’t spoken or been seen together publicly in a while, he insists there is no animosity between the pair.

“Nothing but mutual respect. Anytime I see Jamie, everything’s cool. There’s history there that is truly appreciated by both of us. We don’t stay in touch on some regular basis or what not.”

The 58-year-old recalled the last time Foxx invited him out to a charity event, and they had a “great time together catching up.”

He added, “I haven’t talked to him for a while, but anytime we see each other there’s nothing but mutual respect. I think Jamie deserves every single bit of the success that he’s experiencing. He’s a force.”  

In the comments section of the YouTube video, fans saluted Duncan’s answer about his relationship with Foxx.

“I love his Love & Respect for Jamie. I understood & felt EVERYTHING he said. Those two together would be amazing in a Dramedy Respect Mr. Duncan on your craft & beautiful words. 

“Him and Jamie chemistry was unreal on that show smh.”

“Big Ups to Christopher for speaking a future collab with Jamie into existence.”

“I’ll always remember the dance battle between him and jamie on the Jamie Foxx Show classic.”

However, a few individuals accused the outlet’s interviewer of attempting to bait Duncan into saying something hateful about Foxx. One said, “He is an Amazing Actor in his own right, and not hating on Jamie… why is the interviewee attempting to put him as a hater. He has a mutual respect for his fellow actor.”

Another person wrote, “That interviewer was a complete tool! Brother Christopher showed how cold he was from the way he smoothed curved around the messy questioning! Well played sir! Total professional!”


Duncan continued to sing the “Django” actor’s praises. “He studied piano and here’s a guy who as a character actor; for example, look at when he played Bundini Brown in ‘Ali’. To me, he stole that film. He stole that film,” Duncan exclaimed about Foxx. “His character work is outstanding. Need I mention ‘Ray?’ That role is as transcendent, as powerful a portrayal in terms of a biopic that I’ve ever seen in my life.” 

When asked about his dream scenario where he and Foxx could reunite on the big screen, the “Swagger” star had his answer prepared.

“I think an action film with the two of us playing detectives,” Duncan said at the 9:24 mark of the interview. “The room for not only hard-hitting drama in it but crazy good comedy; the room for that, the opportunities are endless. Why? Because he has a great range. I have a range.” 

This idea got fans riled up in the comments, with some calling it the “New Bad Boys,” a nod to the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence action series “Bad Boys.” For now, fans will just have to wait to see if work between Duncan and Foxx becomes a reality.

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