A Black Deliveryman Was Wrongfully Accused By a Woman of Stealing Her Jewelry, But People Online Are Criticizing His Response

A resurfaced video shows a woman accusing a man of stealing items she ordered, but some people online are slamming his response. 

The video posted by @cececraig1 on TikTok shows the woman ranting about her missing items, saying she’s “tempted to check his pockets” and call law enforcement. The man recording the video appears to work for a delivery service.

“You know this lady?” the delivery man says to a bystander walking in the hallway. “You might want to get this lady.”

Woman Goes On Rant, Accuses Delivery Worker Of Stealing
A woman accused a delivery worker of stealing. (@cececraig1/TikTok)

“You’re not f*****g going anywhere,” the woman repeated.

“I didn’t take the package,” the delivery man responded. “She needs to call Fetch and deal with Fetch. But she’s not going to threaten me. She’s not going to hit me. And if she touches me, I’m going to knock her out.”

The woman then says she took a picture of the deliveryman and is contacting his employer and the landlord. The delivery man denied her accusations. While they go back and forth, the bystander tries to get her to leave and calm down: “Everybody! Fetch is a bunch of thieves,” she yells. 

“You need to get you some medication,” she said.

“You stole my jewelry out of this package. I am not happy,” she continued. “Empty your f*****g pockets.”

“I’m not emptying nothing and I have to go. Can you please get her?” the man asked the bystander. “If you touch me, I’m going to knock you out.”

“You’re being recorded, come on,” the bystander said while pulling the woman away. The relationship between the woman and the bystander is unclear. 

The woman got away and followed the man to the elevator. She continued to claim he stole her packages.

“Why would I steal your package and not give it to you?” the man asked. 

A woman, who appears to be a resident, came out into the hallway to tell the woman to stop screaming and file a report to the company with her issue: “Get back in your house,” she said. 

In the caption of the video, the man claims she came up to his job the next day “and said the person who stole her package should be hung.” The video has over 15 million views on the platform. 

The man received overwhelming support from people on TikTok for handling the situation. However, on Reddit, some people think he could have walked away. 

“It was obvious that she was unwell, and he just kept riling her up,” one user wrote. “Specifically, the part where she was down the hall, and he was already at the elevator. I wish it would have ended there, but he re-engaged her, and it just felt like poking an unstable bear.”

Another person agreed with the deliveryman’s steps to record the incident but was against him posting it. 

“If this didn’t get posted, we all wouldn’t know about it, and all of these people involved would just be going about their lives,” they said. “There would be no public option just by nature of this being a private matter.”

A third person condemned some of the man’s comments to the woman: “Yeah, dude finally got her walking away and felt the need to say ‘We need to get you some medication’ as if she wouldn’t try to shout back at the. Like dude, learn to just shut up and leave.”

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