This Dude Invited Me Out and Then Wanted to Split the Bill. Not Long After, He Announced His Engagement.

Two months ago, I had a minor car accident that rendered me unable to get around for a weekend. While I was lying in bed, I decided to jump on a dating app and create a profile. As soon as it was activated, I was hit up by a guy who lived very close to me. Things moved rather quickly with this guy, and we ended up exchanging numbers right off the top. He called me, and we talked for hours on end about life and dating.

The following weekend, he called me on a Saturday morning while I was still in bed, asking what was for breakfast. I told him I had no idea, and he suggested that we go to a pancake restaurant in the vicinity. I agreed and met him there.

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When I saw him, I was surprised by his size. He was like 100 pounds heavier than he appeared to be in his pictures, and I was not attracted to him physically as a result. But I tried to focus on his conversation. We shared a standard breakfast meal together, but when the check came, he asked me if we could split the bill. I was truly taken aback. He had invited me to breakfast, and now he was being tacky. It was a complete turnoff. I decided right there on the spot that he would never be graced with my presence again.

When we left the restaurant, he wanted to stand outside and talk for a bit. We ended up talking about his life, childhood trauma, and his estranged relationship with his father. None of this interested me, especially after the stunt he had pulled with the bill. He even had the nerve to extend another invitation to a hookah lounge later that evening, which I politely declined. I think he knew he had screwed up at that point.

For months after that foiled date, he chased me and chased me, but to no avail. He kept asking for another date, but I would not budge, and then I eventually stopped responding. The last straw for me was when he put up a post on social media talking about not dating single mothers. I didn’t find it to be funny at all because I’m a single mother.

Now, this week, he posted something again that caught my eye. This time, he was announcing his engagement, ironically enough to a woman who worked at my last job. We happened to work at the same place, just in different departments. I was floored. He had put so much time and energy into pursuing me and then popped up with a fiancée.

Should I blow up his spot and inform his fiancée of how he pursued me for months leading up to his proposal to her or let them walk off into the sunset free and clear?

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