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Drunk Woman and Entourage Dragged Off Flight to Ibiza After Brawling Before Take-off, Passenger Says Airline Should Have Done More to Stop it

Shocking footage captures a woman on a Ryanair flight set to take off from the Manchester Airport to Ibiza instigating an onboard brawl with other passengers. The passenger who filmed the ordeal believes the airline could have done more to stop the fight before it got out of hand.

The rowdy rumbler in pink is seen arguing on Monday, Aug. 21, with another passenger a few minutes before the plane’s departure, a video shot by Lyndsay Cash reveals.

Drunken woman brawl Ibiza
Drunken woman brawl captured on video. (Credit: Video Screengrab)

The plane was to leave the United Kingdom at 3 p.m. to fly to the Spanish Island but the woman’s outrageous behavior, which started 15 minutes before departure, threatened the a timely arrival for the flight.

Shortly after the disagreement, a brawl broke out in the aisles and across the seats.

After things calmed, the woman, believed to be “drunk”  was placed in a headlock and set to the side. Though others around her tried, no one could tame the woman’s temper.

Then suddenly, a voice cried out, saying, “I will find you.” According to the Daily Mail, someone associated with the flight said it was the woman in pink.

After a while, men believed to be her family members, who were also on the flight, pulled her away and attempted to address others who were involved in the melee. A man wearing green was seen pushing one passenger and shouting at another.

According to Cash, eventually police came and escorted the woman off the aircraft. In addition to the woman, two others also were ejected from the plane.

Once the three were removed, passengers seated on the flight burst out in applause.

Greater Manchester Police said they arrested individuals causing the incident and kept them in custody for questioning.

“Officers were called at around 3 p.m. yesterday (Monday 21 August) to reports of disruptive passengers on board a flight taking off from Manchester Airport,” a spokesperson said. “Two men in their 30s and one woman, also in her 30s, have all been arrested on suspicion of being drunk on board an aircraft. One of the men and the woman were further arrested on suspicion of assaulting police officers. They all remain in custody for questioning.”

The flight was delayed for an hour-and-a-half, according to Cash. She said, in addition to the uproar caused by the woman in pink, children were upset and were crying.

Cash believes this all could have been prevented if the airline staff would have blocked the woman from getting on the flight from the beginning, suggesting there were signs she was acting out before the initial load onto the aircraft.

“She was barging into everyone the second she got on the plane,” Cash said, also offering they should have intervened instead of leaving “it to the passengers.”

A Ryanair spokesperson offered a corporate apology to the “affected passengers for any inconvenience caused as a result of these passengers’ disruptive behavior.’”

They did not admit or suggest their staff could have done anything better or more to de-escalate the matter.

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