My Adult Sons Refuse to Leave My Townhome. I Am Thinking of Going to the Extreme to Get Them Out

A mother’s love is boundless, or is it? At my age, I’m too tired to fuss and fight. I simply want something done about my 30-something-year-old boys who are living in one of the townhomes that I own. It started off as a peace offering after they both came home after college. I allowed them to crash there until they could get on their feet. That never truly happened.

My daughter, their older sister, has tried talking sense into them and encouraging them to move out, but they have this sense of entitlement that is unbelievable. Their father also warned them about taking advantage of me while he was alive, but there’s no real threat because he’s deceased now.

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Both of them work and make money that goes toward their personal needs, which include beer and marijuana. They haven’t paid rent since they’ve been here, which is my fault. I never should have given them the option to live rent-free in a space that could be bringing in money for me. I would hope that I have some rights. I just don’t know what they are and don’t have the money to secure a lawyer to find out.

My daughter keeps telling me to simply call the police and tell them the story but I don’t want the boys arrested or sent to jail. I just want them put out of the townhome so I can rent it out and make some of the money back that I’ve missed out on. Should I exercise doses of tough love and have my sons/squatters forcefully removed from my townhome as their sister has suggested?

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