‘Now He Calls Himself What, A Rapper?’: Antonio Brown Arrested In Florida For Child Support. Baby Mama Claims He Owes $31K and Is Causing His Only Daughter Emotional Trauma

Antonio Brown is back in the news for the wrong reasons, as one of his children’s mothers claims he still has not paid her almost $31,000 in child support. Wiltrice Jackson, mother to Brown’s daughter, Antanyiah, wants Brown punished for his lack of consistent support both financially and in person for their daughter, born in 2008.

The former NFL star was reportedly arrested over the weekend in Broward County for allegedly failing to pay child support to the mother of one of his children, Local 10 News learned Monday.

“Jail records from the Broward Sheriff’s Office show that the 35-year-old was booked into jail around midnight Sunday on an out-of-county warrant.”

Brown was reportedly released on a $15,000 bond.

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Wiltrice Jackson, mother to Antonio Brown’s daughter, Antanyiah, claims the former NFL star and rapper owes her $31,000 in child support payments. The former NFL star was arrested over the weekend in Florida. (Photo: @ab Instagram)

“Right now as of today, he owes $30,940.41,” Jackson said to TMZ this week. “Now he calls himself what, a rapper now? So he goes to different cities, makes appearances and everything, also down here in Miami, he makes appearances in clubs and everything. He just got him a ‘vert (Convertible). He basically just does what he wants to do with his money. At the end of the day it is his money but I mean I still have his kid so I just don’t get it.”

Back in August, a judge ruled that he missed child support payments. Per Jackson and the court records, there has been no change since the order was issued.

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No Love Lost

“I do want him arrested,” she continued. “Because, right now, he’s making a mockery out of the judge, out of everything, because he feels like he’s untouchable. The stuff that he writes me and my daughter is completely off of the line. He talks to us like we’re strangers on the street or something.”

Jackson describes her daughter as emotionally affected by not only Brown’s financial support inconsistency but also the way he has treated her, even in relation to his other children.

“And she’s not an in-house child that he sees every day or deals with,” Jackson continued. “Tony goes months without dealing with my daughter, and that’s when I have to force him to deal with her. This is your only daughter. I was a daddy’s girl. My relationship with my daddy was never like this, so I’m just trying to be strong for my daughter and I know it’s affecting her and bothering her.

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