‘Clout Chaser’: Nigerian Producer Threatened for Sharing Leaked Video of Davido and His Wife’s Newborn Twins

Nigerian superstar Davido is upset after a video of his wife Chioma and their set of twins was leaked online.

Chioma reportedly gave birth to twins earlier in the week, but the Afrobeats star has a few choice words for “Give Thanks” producer and singer Samklef after he shared the leaked video on social media.

The short clip Samklef shared on Oct. 13 shows the married couple leaving the hospital as Davido smiled widely at Chioma as she held their fraternal twins. Samklef captioned his post, “Oya it’s official congratulations to @davido x chioma double blessings. One boy one girl noni!”

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Davido Samklef
Davido (left) and Samklef (right) beef on social media after a video was leaked of Davido’s newborn twins. (Photos: @davido/Instagram, @samklef/X)

Davido responded in the comment section claiming Samklef was a “f—king clout chaser,” stating, “U know ur not meant to post this. WTF.”


Samklef later revealed that he found the video on X and posted it on his social pages. He claims he and Davido were cool after he explained that he’d only shared the video on the platform after obtaining it through the public.

“Me and@davido are kool. Davido initially believed I was the one who leaked the video after our DM conversation. However, I clarified that I obtained the video from the public domain on Twitter. Wishing blessings upon your home and family,” he wrote.

He then shared multiple photos of himself and Davido from over the years. However, about an hour later, Samklef posted that he had been blocked by the “Blow My Mind” artist on Instagram.

“Breaking news davido finally block samklef for a crime he didn’t commit. Everybody loves SAMKLEF. Justice for SAMKLEF. Still gat mad love for him. Congratulations 2 him once more,” he noted.

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In a video, he stated, “Samklef is the first Nigerian man to post a good news and get blocked.” He continued in the caption writing, “CLOUT 7 WICKED 7 Breaking news meet the 1st Nigerian man samklef mad 7 that got bullied insulted by Davido and also got blocked by him for posting his good news of his twins.”

The “Suwe” singer posted again, saying that he was being threatened by Martins vincent otse, a popular Nigerian blogger known for posting about messy news going on in the West African country under the name @verydarkblackman on social media.

“Life threat! See how God Dey work! Public Evidence Nigerians this man verydarkblackman just publicly declared that I should be killed if anything happen to SAMKLEF hold them responsible. You go learn. This man wey men don sleep with for Abuja na gabu o! The likes of Sammy Larry and naira Marley!”

Davido seemingly made reference to reports about his twins’ birth two days before Samklef shared the video, telling X fans, “Stop circulating old pictures thank you.”

Fans reacted to the X beef in the comment section.

“It’s clout indeed,” replied one. “Even if he was there and recorded the video, It not his role to come post it before Davido or Chioma.”

“Go take a chill. You don too shout today. Tomorrow na another day,” added another fan.

“SAMKLEF got the video from the internet but looking at Davido face he knew he was being recorded so why all this,” asked one fan.

Gosh you and him are birds of a feather!”

The birth of Davido’s twins comes after the death of his and Chimoa’s 3-year-old son, Ifeanyi Adeleke. The toddler died after drowning in the swimming pool at the singer’s home in Lagos, Nigeria, almost one year ago.

Davido and his wife were not home at the time of the fatal drowning, but several members of the couple’s domestic staff were arrested and questioned by Lagos State Police.

After, he took a step back from the music scene for a few months to grieve until his return earlier this year with his fourth album, “Timeless.”

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