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Davido Plans to Donate $600,000 to Nigerian Orphanages After He Asked Friends to Send Him Money for His Birthday

Nigerian-American musician Davido is celebrating his birthday by doing good deeds and giving back.

The “If” singer tweeted, “If u know I’ve given you a hit song .. send me money …. una know una selves oo” on Wednesday. The follow-up tweet was his bank information so that people could actually sent him money. Ten minutes later he updated his followers saying that he reached 7 million and that he wanted to reach 100 million to “clear [his] rolls Royce from port abeg,” meaning from a port.

Davido. (Photo: @davido/Instagram)

Every few minutes he continued to update his fans revealing how much he was increasing. “22,” “43,” and “50” he wrote each number in three separate tweets sharing what amount in millions he’s reached. After sharing several screenshots of his account, he shared another one on Nov. 18 which said he 184,104,565.73 in Nigerian naira, which is the currency in Nigeria.

On Nov. 20 he gave a statement on Instagram sharing his “gratitude” to those that took part in the donation. He wrote, “I have always been passionate about giving back and helping people. In view of this, I am delighted to announce that all the funds received, totaling 200,000,000.00 naira will be donated to orphanages across Nigeria as well as the Paroche foundation.”

Davido also said that he is adding 50,000,000 naira to the amount and listed the five “beneficiaries” that will oversee the distribution of the money. The 250,000,000 in naira is about 600,000 in U.S. dollars. To confirm his sincerity about the project he said explained the exact steps the beneficiaries plan to do to make sure the money ends up in where it should.

He said, “The committee will compile a list of orphanage across Nigeria. They will determine the number of children and their needs at each orphanage, and then divide the funds accordingly. The committee will also determine the portion of the money that will be donated to Paroche foundation. To maintain transparency, the committee will make public the names of the beneficiary orphanages and how much each will receive.”

The 29-year-old said this will now be a new tradition for him every year when he celebrates his birthdays in the future.

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