‘Look at This’: Miles Bridges Dragged on Social Media for Changing His Profile Pic to Johnny Depp Amid Domestic Violence Drama

Charlotte Hornets power forward Miles Bridges turned himself in to the police after a warrant for his arrest was issued this week.

The young NBA player has been in big trouble with the law recently. In June 2022, Bridges was arrested on domestic violence charges after the mother of his children, Mychelle Johnson, accused him of beating her in front of their children. Johnson posted photographs of her injuries on Instagram.

She also shared a medical exam which indicated, “Adult victim of physical abuse by male partner; Assault by strangulation, Brain concussion; Closed fracture of nasal bone; Contusion of rib; Multiple bruises; Strain of neck muscle.”

The Hornets star pleaded no contest to a felony domestic violence charge in November 2022. The remaining counts against him were dismissed, and Bridges avoided any jail time. He was given a sentence of three years on probation, 52 weeks of parenting classes, 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling, and 100 hours of community service. A criminal protective order dictating that Bridges stay away from Johnson for the next 10 years was also a part of the plea deal.

Miles Bridges turned himself in after a warrant for arrest was issued. (Photo:@milesbridges/Instagram)
Miles Bridges turned himself in after a warrant for arrest was issued. (Photo:@milesbridges/Instagram)

Bridges also sat out the entire 2022-23 NBA season because he was a free agent at the time of his arrest and subsequently went unsigned for that season. The Hornets ended up making a deal with Bridges this summer, but he still has to serve a 10-game suspension at the beginning of this year. It was initially 30 games, but the NBA took off 20 due to him sitting out.

Some people believed that he got off light and that the NBA star should be thankful that all he has to do is “behave” to continue his basketball career. In light of recent allegations, it is possible that he may have thrown his second chance away.

An arrest warrant was issued after Bridges allegedly threatened Johnson during a child exchange. According to the criminal summons, Bridges allegedly threw billiard balls at Johnson’s car, smashing her windshield and denting the vehicle.

The report also states that his children were inside of the car during the incident and that he allegedly told Johnson that he was going to “take everything from her and withhold child support.”

Bridges turned himself in on Oct. 13 on charges of violating a protection order, misdemeanor child abuse, and injury to personal property. The 25-year-old had his mugshot taken and posted his $ 1,000 bond.

Fans gave their thoughts on Bridges getting arrested again.

“Threw away a career and the possibility to set his family up for generations…”

“i pray for the day that i get to root for a basketball team that’s in the news for playing good and not our #2 option beating women.”


Bridges seemingly took to social media to declare his innocence. On Oct. 12, prior to turning himself in, Bridges briefly changed his X (formerly Twitter) profile picture to a 2022 image of Johnny Depp leaving a Los Angeles courtroom.

Depp was involved in a highly publicized libel suit against his ex-girlfriend, actress Amber Heard, where the actor claimed he never hit her or “any woman.” Depp won the case, as the jury found Heard guilty of defaming the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor. Depp was awarded $5 million in punitive damages and $10 million in compensatory damages.

Bridges only briefly swapped out his avatar, but not before social media users could grab screenshots and leave scathing comments.

“Miles Bridges is a huge pos. Unrepentant abuser and using a picture of Depp is vile,” said one social media user.

“Except with Depp it was believable. Bridges just sounds like a monster, throwing rocks at his ex’s car while they’re in a custody battle should get him thrown in jail honestly, have zero respect for the guy,” echoed another.

Another detractor posted, “So corny Oh my god.”

Bridges was in Washington with the Hornets before turning himself in. The Hornets gave a statement to local news station WCNC Charlotte, saying, “We are aware of the reports and are in the process of gathering more information.” While he claims his innocence, the jury is still out on whether he will be able to return to Charlotte.

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