Who Deserves to Use My Extra Car? My Girlfriend or My Ex

As men, we go through hard times with breakups just like women; we just don’t show it the same. My kids’ mother and I broke up last year, and I went through absolute hell. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t really move, that is until I met Queenie. It was a chance meeting at a drugstore I never frequent, so I knew it had to be fate. We’ve been rocking together ever since we literally bumped into each other.

Queenie is my everything now. It’s like my ex never even existed, to be honest. So, when my child’s mother contacted me and said we needed to talk, I wasn’t at all interested in what in the world she could possibly have to say.

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Later that evening, we jumped on a call, and she informed me that her 12-year-old car had finally given out on her. She knows I have two vehicles and asked if she could borrow one until she could get things squared away financially. Without hesitation, I said yes and allowed her to borrow my second car as long as she paid the insurance and maintenance costs.

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But when it rains, it pours. Not even a week after this happened, Queenie called me from the side of the road, telling me she was in an accident and that she was pretty sure her car was totaled. She tells me we need to talk when she gets home and that I need to call my ex and tell her I need my car back.

When Queenie finally made it home, we had a heated discussion about the car. I explained that not only does my ex need the car to get back and forth to work, but she also needs it to get the kids to school and to their extracurricular activities. My kid’s mom having a car makes my life a hell of a lot easier as well.

Queenie voiced her very strong opinion, saying that my ex is a grown woman and should be able to figure out her own transportation solution. In the meantime, Queenie is highly upset at the notion of having to catch an Uber or Lyft to work when I have a perfectly good vehicle that just happens not to be in my possession currently. This is beginning to be a major point of contention between Queenie and me; she hasn’t spoken to me in two whole days. Should I take the car back from my kid’s mother to give to Queenie?  

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