Atlanta Cop Who Fatally Used Stun Gun on 62-Year-Old Deacon During Argument Over Traffic Ticket Is Fired By Department ‘After a Diligent Review of All of the Facts’

An Atlanta cop who used a stun gun on a church deacon during a fatal dispute over a traffic ticket was terminated from the department, officials said.

Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum released a statement on Tuesday morning, announcing the new employment status of Officer Kiran Kimbrough in connection to his actions during the encounter with 62-year-old Johnny Hollman earlier this year. He was previously placed on administrative leave. 

I Heard My Daddy... Begging Them': 62-Year-Old Atlanta Man Tries to Dispute Traffic Ticket After Accident, Ends Up Arrested, Dead
Johnny Hollman. (Photo: WSB-TV/ YouTube screenshot)

“APD’s administrative review found that Officer Kimbrough violated standard operating procedure when he failed to have a supervisor on the scene prior to proceeding with the physical arrest after Mr. Hollman failed to sign the citation,” the statement said. 

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On the night of Aug. 10, Kimbrough responded to several reports of an accident at Cunningham Place and Joseph E. Lowery Blvd, according to police. When he got to the scene and conducted an investigation, he determined Hollman was at fault and started writing him a ticket. 

That’s when police say Hollman became “agitated and uncooperative” and resisted when Kimbrough tried to arrest him. The two struggled, and Kimbrough deployed his stun gun against Hollman. With the assistance of a bystander, he was able to handcuff him.

However, at that point, Kimbrough realized Hollman was unresponsive and called first responders. The arrested man was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Hollman served as a deacon at The Lively Stones of God Ministries Church. 

Body camera footage hasn’t been released, but Hollman’s family lawyer, Mawuli Davis, told Atlanta Black Star that it will be released on Thursday. His family wants the officer to be criminally charged.

“What justice looks like is the prosecution of this officer for crimes he committed against Deacon Hollman,” Davis said, per 11 Alive. “What we saw was murder. We saw an assault against a 62-year-old man who was literally pleading for his life, informing the officer that he could not breathe, informing him of his medical condition, and that he was having issues with asthma. And, the officer, with malicious intent, continued to strike and tase.”

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Davis said that contrary to what the police have released, Hollman didn’t decline to sign the citation that night. 

Last week, a medical examiner ruled his death a homicide but added diabetes and obstructive pulmonary disease contributed to his death, the outlet reported. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Fulton County District Attorney’s Office are still probing this case. 

“Every single person and life in the City of Atlanta matters to me. Part of my job is to assess, evaluate, and adjust how this police department is carrying out its sworn mission to serve and protect the citizens of this city,” Chief Schierbaum said. “I understand the difficult and dangerous job that our officers do each and every day throughout the city. I do not arrive at these decisions lightly. Only after a diligent review of all of the facts, while ensuring the due process of our officers, do I arrive at my decision.”

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