Nicki Minaj’s Husband and His Friends Threatened Cardi B and Her Husband Offset After the VMAs. Here’s the Petty Drama That Unfolded Afterward

Forget Nicki Minaj and Cardi B … all eyes are really on their spouses after the two seemingly exchanged words over social media.

Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty threatens her music enemy Cardi B and her husband Offset.
Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty threatens her music enemy Cardi B and her husband Offset.(Photos: @nickiminaj/Instagram; @iamcardib/Instagram)

The tension between the two femcees has existed for years, even resulting in a fight at the 2018 MET Gala. But the public first got wind of something brewing between their respective husbands,  Kenneth Petty and Offset, during the 2023 MTV VMAs on Sept. 12.

Nicki Minaj hosted the annual awards and delivered a few stellar performances as did Cardi, who performed her new single, “Bongos,” with Megan Thee Stallion.

Apparently, video clips that were taken backstage and after the VMAs have been circulating online and fans are speculating that their husbands exchanged words at some point.

Petty can be seen with his guy, whose Instagram handle is @OnlyDaSturdy, in one video giving shoutouts to their hometown as they repeated the refrain “big Queens, biggest Queens.”

After the VMAs, another video popped up online featuring Petty and his friends out in those New York streets.

One person appears to be upset, making threats, and even mentioning Cardi’s man by name.

“Somebody tell Offset. Offset DM’d me. He Dm’d Me,” said Sturdy into the camera.

“Up north I had you scared boy,” Petty interjected. “It’s all fun and games until we want to play too.”

“Stay on that vacation before we planning ya’ funeral p—y. Always been a street …,” he continued before pulling his hood over his head.

Petty went on as he threatened to slap all of Offset’s locs out of his head, while surrounded by his people as they claimed they were ready to come to Offset’s “vacation” spots.

In another video, Sturdy alleged that Offset DM’d him during the awards show which was the reason why they were so upset.

Sturdy took to his Instagram to share a video of the messages he was allegedly sent. “Where you located?” one DM from Offset supposedly read. Another said, “U n—as p—y speaking on female business and talking crazy broke ash don’t got money for war.”

The two went back and forth calling each other “broke” and ranting about how “gangsta” they were.

Sturdy further explained that their Queens video was “misinterpreted” and had nothing to do with Offset or his wife. But Cardi B fans said these weren’t the only DMs.

There’s also another video that was posted on another individual’s Instagram Story, with, “Ask @iamcardib why she mad Big Queens in da building. We just different on this side, real sturdy diehard s—t” written over the short clip.

A third video appears to respond to Cardi B, who previously tweeted after the VMAs, “I ain’t even flinch.”

The post read, “@iamcardib we ain’t ya average Queens n—z Big Dawg s—t @onlydasturdy. Talkin biut you ain’t flinch you already exposed your hand sound like mfs is nervous.”

It’s unclear exactly why Offset DM’d Petty’s associates during the show but many believe it was in response to one of the men who threatened Cardi saying, “I’ll knock the veneers out her mouth.”

But one fan claims she knows how and why all of the beef started in the first place commenting, “So cardi wrote don’t flinch and this guy and his boys got offended went on IG and threatened cardi and offset told you to stay out of females business now you on the NET thinking it’s cute. When can men just apologize smh. Ugh.”

However, Offset doesn’t seem to be paying Petty or his friends any mind as he enjoys the trappings of his reputed $28 million net worth. He later posted a clip of himself getting out of a jet only while giggling and seeming calling Petty and his Queens crew broke.

After The Neighborhood Talk picked up the story, fans started to chime in.

“I respect TF outta Offset he always stand up about his wife!!!”

Some people believe that Offset got the men all hot and bothered just to create energy around his new project.

“Offset does this every time when he’s about to release a project… He released his album ‘Father of 4’ a week later after arguing with Chris Brown. Released his single ‘2 LIVE’ a week later after alleged fight backstage with Quavo. Released a single with Cardi ‘Jealousy’ a few weeks after they BOTH admitted to cheating. Now releasing his Album ‘SET IT OFF’ and stirring up BEEF with Nicki’s Husband. Y’all don’t see the pattern?”

Offset and Chris Brown exchanged insults in 2019 after Brown appeared to make fun of British-born rapper 21 Savage, who was battling Immigration and Customs Enforcement after ICE alleged that he had been in the U.S. illegally for over a decade. 

At the 2023 Grammys Awards ceremony earlier this year, Migos member Quavo performed a tribute to late member Takeoff, who was shot in Houston, TX following an altercation during a dice game outside of a bowling alley in Nov. 2022. Things reportedly got physical after Quavo blocked Offset from joining him onstage and the two had to be pulled apart backstage.

Offset later denied that there was a fight, although video shows the “WAP” rapper scolding both men because “Both of y’all wrong. This is not right.”

Ploy or not, the battle between Nicki and Cardi (and now their husbands) doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to ending.


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