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‘It’s a Black Hole In My Heart Forever’: Gillie Da Kid Reveals Why His Son’s Tragic Death Was the ‘Worst and the Best’ Thing to Happen to Him

Gillie Da Kid recently appeared as a guest on “The Pivot Podcast” with hosts and former NFL players Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor.

During the sit-down, the group had a tear-jerking conversation about Gillie’s life and how much has changed since the death of his son. 

Gillie Da Kid tells "The Pivot Podcast" a heartbreaking story about washing his dead son's body.
Gillie Da Kid tells “The Pivot Podcast” a heartbreaking story about washing his dead son’s body. (Photo: @37macc_/Instagram)

Gillie was a part of the underground Philly rap group “Major Figgas.” He was noticed by Birdman’s Cash Money Records and signed to a deal. He gained national attention after claiming that he was Lil Wayne’s ghostwriter. But after feeling like he was snubbed by the label, he left and started beefing with the New Orleans rapper.

Following that period, Gillie started a highly acclaimed podcast with his cousin Wallo, called “Million Dollaz Worth of Game.” The pair has become internet famous for their interviews and comedic videos online.

On July 20, Gillie’s son Devin Spady was fatally shot and killed in their hometown of Philadelphia. Spady was an aspiring rapper who went by the name YNG Cheese, and he was one-half of the duo Macc N Cheese with his brother Mac, who goes by Trey 7. A motive has yet to be revealed.

The untimely death of Gillie’s son occurred just weeks after a mass shooting claimed the lives of five people, including a 15-year-old, inspiring the “Get Down on da Ground” rapper to post a plea on Instagram begging Philadelphia to stop the gun violence.

While speaking of his late son on the podcast, Gillie shared, “It’s a black hole in my heart forever.” He said nothing in life would be as hard as losing his son, other than losing his wife.

“Now when I pray, I pray that I die first. Take me first. ‘Cause I don’t wanna go through this s—t again ever in life man,” he exclaimed. 

Crowder asked the Philly native about the worst time he had in his “emotional arc” after losing his son, to which Gillie responded with a gut-wrenching memory of how he had to wash his deceased son’s body.

“That was the worst, but it was also the best because I became a man that day,” he told the panel through tears. “I thought I was a f——g man, but I wasn’t. That day, I became a man. I was a lil’ a— boy up to that point.” 

“When I washed my son’s body, it was a gift and a curse. It was a good thing and a bad thing because it was a very painful thing to see your son laying there cold, and stiff, and…” Gillie said before trailing off, “But I know I sent him off right, you know what I mean. And in Islam that’s a big thing, sending them off right.” 

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Prayers and condolences continue to pour in as Gillie continues to make strides in coping with this painful experience. 

“This made me tear up. Parent to parent, this man has been through the worst that life can offer. God bless Gillie,” said one social media user. 

“Salute to Gillie man being able to speak about this and articulate it so well is amazing. Stay strong my brotha.” 

“S–t that’s both tragic and beautiful. Continued prayers for him and his family,” said another social media user.

Gillie continued by giving thanks to one of the people who stood by him during his tough time.

Looking directly into the camera, the 39-year-old said, “I wanna thank Freeway from the bottom of my heart. You was there every step of the way with me brotha’. Washin’ my son’s body, the hardest s—t I ever had to do in my f—–g life. I will love you, and respect you brotha’, for life. I appreciate that.” 

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If anyone can help Gillie through the pain of losing a child, it is Freeway. The North Philly rapper lost both of his children, Jihad and Harmony Pridgen, in the span of a year. Freeway credits Islam with getting him threw the unthinkable tragedies.  

On an episode of Math Hoffa’s “My Expert Opinion” podcast, the “What We Do” rapper said, “Our prophet, peace be upon him, prophet Muhammad, he lost six of his children, and we look at him like he’s the best of mankind, and he dealt with it gracefully…When I have my moments and I’m down in the dumps, I just think about him.”


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