‘Using This for Content Is Weird’: Fans Accuse Kirk Franklin of Exploiting His Family Drama with Son Kerrion to Promote His New Album

The ongoing family feud between Kirk Franklin and his son Kerrion Franklin might be coming to an end. 

Fans say Kirk Franklin is exploiting drama with his son to promote his new album.
Fans say Kirk Franklin is exploiting drama with his son to promote his new album. (L) Kirk Franklin (Pictured: @kirkfranklin/Instagram) (R) Kerrion Franklin (Pictured: @kerriondivine/Instagram)

A recent video shared on the gospel legend’s Instagram showed him and his eldest child seated across from each other as they appeared to be talking through their differences. 

“Do you wanna know about what I’m about to share with you?” Franklin can be heard asking his son. 

In response, Kerrion stated, “It already hurts and I don’t even know what it is.” 

The 35-year-old then told his father, “Every text message I’ve sent you, hasn’t been responded to.”

While Franklin, 53, noted that he and Kerrion have “a lot of other things that we have to deal with and address,” he hinted at needing to discuss a seemingly bigger topic.

During their sit-down conversation, music can be heard slowly entering the background as Franklin said, “I think that when you find this out, I think it’s gonna be … It’s going to be life-changing.” 

The music grew louder as a black screen with the word “Tomorrow” and Franklin’s YouTube handle appeared.

“There’s no denying that my son and I have had a rocky relationship. This moment is one that I personally needed during this process. #Accountability,” his caption read. 

Shortly after his upload, The Neighborhood Talk obtained the post and re-posted it on their Instagram page. Many social media users seemed to have questioned Franklin’s reasoning for making a private matter public.

Other individuals even went as far as accusing the choir director of exploiting their drama to promote his new music. 

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Franklin’s upcoming album, “Father’s Day,” is set to be released on Oct. 6. To prepare fans for this project, the father of four dropped two singles titled “All Things” and “Try Love,” giving listeners a glimpse of what’s to come from the album. 

“You didn’t have to share this publicly you could’ve decided to do this in private. I pay your openness and vulnerability helps other Parent/ Child relationships restore what has been lost!.” 

“Using this for content is weird.”

“I do not understand why this needs to be on YouTube, and not kept behind closed doors.” 

Despite critics, there were a few supporters who suggested it was only right to publicize their journey to “healing” since the hurt was a constant conversation online. 

“Y’all loved when they feel out in public but mad about healing in public? Y’all don’t love NOBODY. You love the chaos and get uncomfortable in moments of peace. Fix that.” 

“Y’all show up on this very page to see the mess, but showing the healing of the mess is taking it too far?!?! #Ghetto.” 

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The demise of Franklin’s relationship with his son has played out in the public eye over the past few years. Kerrion has accused his father of being a poor parent and even leaked an explicit audio recording of the 19-time Grammy Award winner cursing him out and threatening him in 2021. 

Although the “Imagine Me” singer later apologized for his words, Kerrion alleged that his father’s remorse was simply directed “to his fans.” The “Bad Boys: Texas” cast member eventually forgave his father for the “past pain” he caused. 

Before their current conversation, the father-and-son duo hadn’t been spotted together for quite some time. A few internet users have even brought Kerrion’s name up under Kirk’s Instagram photos of himself with his three additional children; Carrington, Kennedy, and Caziah.


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