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Gospel Fans Are Still ‘Pissed’ About Kelly Price’s ‘Vulgar’ Rant on Stage Towards Folks Who Doubted Her Battle with COVID-19 After Her Family Claimed She Was Missing

Singing powerhouse Kelly Price sounded off during a recent concert regarding her 2021 health scare back in a video circulating online.

Price made headlines after several family members claimed that she was missing while she was actually hospitalized with COVID-19.

In a video originally shared by Larry Reid Live on Instagram, the “Friend of Mine” singer can be seen looking out into the audience saying that some people thought she was “stupid enough that I needed to lie about almost dying from COVID.”

“Kiss my entire a—,” she responded to the criticism. “All of it. It’s a lot to kiss so get to work because you’re going to be there for a while.”

Resurfaced clip from Kelly Price's performance  shows off her going off on folks who doubted her 2021 COVID-19 health scare after he family revealed she was missing.
A resurfaced clip from Kelly Price’s July performance shows off her going off on folks who doubted her 2021 COVID-19 health scare after he family revealed she was missing. (Photo: @mskellyprice / Instagram)

Reid shared the video of Price with the caption, “You can tell she raised in church cause she don’t mind getting online fussing about stuff or in stage. She is the pissed church mother of R&B and it tickles me. I can’t wait for somebody to do something else so she can go off #LarryReidLive #LarryReid #fyp #video #viral.”

After Price’s attorney Monica Ewing announced that she was not missing but ill and suffering from COVID, fans were confused. The “As We Lay” singer later told TMZ that she was never missing and nearly died from the illness.

“At some point they lost me,” said Price. “I woke up some days later, a couple days later, and the first thing I remember is the team of doctors standing around me and asking me if I knew what year it was.”

Price added that she remained isolated following her release from the hospital and, according to Billboard, Price noted that due to a frayed relationship with her sister, she was declared missing despite not being so.

“It hasn’t been two months since I’ve seen my sister, it’s been a year. I hadn’t been in the same room as her since my mother’s funeral,” she recalled. “Prior to that, we hadn’t seen each other all pandemic long. That’s not new for us. We’ve been strained for a very long time. I was never missing. I was in my home being seen by doctors.”

The Neighborhood Talk shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “They thought your family was lying about you being a missing person.”

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Several fans responded, wondering why the gospel singer would bring the matter up at a concert years later and others felt she used the church as an excuse to cuss.

“Girl u the one that was being weird not telling YOUR circle what was going on so they came telling us,” replied one.

“Kelly stays mad about everything but her A1C,” added another.

“Kelly girl wasn’t no one thinking about this you just wanted and excuse to be vulgar as a gospel artist..”

“She told the ppls to kiss her a— and probably went straight into a gospel song right after.”

“Girl we forgot you even had it.”

A few concertgoers who purchased $20 tickets for Price’s recent show also expressed their disappointment in her performance. According to fans online, the video was taken earlier this year during her performance at The Aretha in Detroit, Michigan on July 26.

“Pissed me off… all she did was talk. Everyone left before she was done. Worst concert of my life,” wrote one person. Another added, “I still feel like I’m due a refund.”

In July 2021, Price alerted her fans of her COVID-19 status, noting that she was “following Dr’s order,” as previously reported.

She said she was considered “medically dead” at one point and later recovered at home where she was “seen several times a week by home health aides after being released on oxygen.”

While battling for her life, she also endured viral headlines about her family and her money online.

“I’m a just have to say what it is. I almost got Brittney Speared this summer,” said Price before revealing that a family member attempted to start a conservatorship when she was battling COVID, similar to Spears, who was placed on an involuntary conservatorship by her father James Spears.

The idea was to protect her music royalties and any earnings from her husband, Darryl Crump.

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“… If she dies he gets it all,” was the sentiment Price was told her sister said in response to why she started the rumors she was “missing.”

She claims she even had to leave her home to get rest due to fans and others ringing her doorbell “all hours of the day and night” to see her and show support.

Price is scheduled to perform next in Chicago on Nov. 24.


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