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‘Her Opinion Is Worthless’: Megyn Kelly Faces Backlash After Claiming Michelle Obama Does Not ‘Like America’ While Discussing Possibility of Former First Lady Running for President In 2024

Media personality Megyn Kelly claimed that Michelle Obama does not “like America” while providing guest commentary on a Newsmax show about some recent reports that the former first lady would be a top contender if she ran for president in 2024 to replace Joe Biden.

Kelly made those remarks during an appearance on the nightly cable show “Eric Bolling The Balance” after Bolling questioned her about a Washington Times article reporting how some Democrats said Obama has the “it factor” to become president.

Megyn Kelly and Michelle Obama
Megyn Kelly and Michelle Obama (Photos: Getty Images)

Although it’s been widely reported that Michelle Obama has stated that she will never run for president, Kelly and Bolling entertained the idea.

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Kelly articulated some baseless claims that the Obamas are still “controlling” the White House from the shadows.

“I think Michelle Obama is seen as a savior figure by the Democrats. However, she’s also gonna motivate Republicans. And I’m sure she’ll say, ‘I’m motivating to them because they’re all racists.’ No, it’s because you don’t like America,” Kelly claimed.

Kelly then launches into a weak character analysis to support her assertion by discussing Obama’s reluctance to wear her hair curly during her time as First Lady because of racism. She also name drops Oprah Winfrey to substantiate that claim by saying that Winfrey became a media behemoth thanks to American support of her television show, and she wore her hair “however the hell she wanted.”

“This woman has no faith in the goodness of Americans, at least not if they have the little (R) after their name as opposed to the little (D),” Kelly said as she alleged that Obama prioritizes political affiliations to understand how she’s supported.

Kelly’s remarks, like many of her remarks, caught flak from social media users and landed her in hot water.

“Her opinion is worthless,” someone else commented.

Another user said of Kelly that she’s “playing to the absolute lowest common denominators.”

“Fired from NBC for racism. Still at it. Vile,” someone else stated.

Kelly was fired from her morning show position at NBC News after making a shaky transition there from Fox News for suggesting that it was OK for white people to wear blackface for Halloween.

Since then, she started her own show, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” which airs live daily on SiriusXM. She also does some guest appearances on some conservative-leaning cable news shows.


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