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‘They Are Paying People Millions’: Man Who Was Mistakenly Interviewed On Air By BBC While At the Network for a Job Is Considering Going To Court For Royalties After Clips Go Viral

A man who was accidentally interviewed on BBC News nearly two decades ago is considering suing the corporation for royalties after the video went viral. 

In 2006, Guy Goma went to the BBC for a job interview when he was mistaken for an IT journalist with the same first name as him, Sky News reported. The unemployed computer technician was then interviewed on air by the BBC News 24 news team, who thought he was Guy Kewney. 

Guy Goma, the man who was mistakenly interviewed by the BBC in 2006, said he is considering suing the company for royalties. (Youtube/BBC News/ Screenshot)

A video shared by the outlet shows Goma appearing shocked when he realized they thought he was the music industry expert. However, he went along with it and answered the interviewer’s questions. 

Goma did not get the job he went there for but was catapulted into internet stardom. The video shared by the BBC on the 10th anniversary of the incident has more than 5.5 million views. 

Watch Guy Goma’s Viral Interview Clip Here

During a recent appearance on a podcast titled “Accidental Celebrities,” Goma said that he was “going to go” to court against the news channel, claiming that he has not received any money from the interview, Sky News reported. 

“They have been using it for nearly 20 years with no penny to me,” said Goma, referring to the video, per the outlet. “When I see that they are paying people millions here and there, that clip made them richer.”

According to reports, he said the BBC did not get back to him when he reached out. In addition, Goma also said he’s thinking about writing a book titled “Wrong Guy.”

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