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‘That’s Floyd Baby!’: Fans Gush Over Floyd Mayweather and His Grandson’s Relationship After Video Shows How Protective the Child Is Over the Boxer

Floyd Mawyweather’s grandson Kentrell Gaulden Jr., aka KJ, does not play when it comes to his relationship with his granddad. 

In a post shared on the 2-year-old’s Instagram, Mayweather tested out his theory, concluding that the child, nicknamed “Money Meezy,” loves him more than any other family member.

Floyd Mayweather proves that he is his grandson’s favorite family member. (Pictured: KJ and Floyd Mayweather @kjmeezymayweather/Instagram)

The legendary athlete first tested out this hypothesis on KJ’s grandmother Melissa Brim. 

While holding KJ in his arms, Mayweather told Brim, “Try to get my grandson.” The “Rich Skinn” founder held her arms while calling the child’s name. 

However, Mayweather’s point was soon made because KJ quickly shifted his body toward the 46-year-old and let out a scream. 

“Absolutely not. Leave me alone, leave me alone,” Mayweather said, interpreting what his grandson’s actions meant. 

The duo then went to KJ’s mother, Yaya Mayweather, who attempted to use food as bait to lure her son into her arms.  

“My daughter’s eating Jamaican food, Jamaican and Puerto Rican food. So what we’re gonna do? Come with me, ladies and gentlemen,” Mayweather said to the camera. 

Though KJ looked interested in what was on Yaya’s spoon, the infant didn’t let that distract him from remaining in his grandfather’s arms. 

“So, as y’all can see he loves his grand-dad more,” Mayweather said before Yaya playfully ripped her child from her father’s body. 

Proving his point once again, the boxing champion told everyone to “watch this” as he held out his arms for KJ to come back to him. 

While the video cut off before viewers could see if they ended back together, KJ’s eyes never strayed from his grandfather. He even let out a scream, which Mayweather took as him saying, “He want me.” 

“I love ALL my family but I feel more protected with my granddad,” the child’s caption read. 

It wasn’t long before their video was uploaded on The Shade Room’s Instagram page, where social media users couldn’t help but gush over Mayweather and KJ’s adorable bond. 

“This is so dope Floyd needed that baby more than yaya.” 

“Floyd that grandparent that act like he the parent love to see it. ” 

“THAT’S Floyd BABY He makes him so happy , I love it.” 

KJ’s love for his grandfather is spotlighted on social media, with most of the posts on the child’s page featuring photos or videos of him and Mayweather together. The legendary boxer also has several images of his grandson on his feed as well.

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