No More Background Checks on Tinder: Where Does Online Dating Go from Here?  

Dating, in general, can be a risk, but online dating adds another layer due to the unknown on the other side of the app. What if you found out that your favorite dating app was taking away the security blanket of background checks?

Would you still frequent the app or delete it in a hurry? Well, Tinder is parting ways with background checks on the app.

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Tinder is one of the leading dating apps in the world. Since its conception in September 2012, users have been swiping profiles left and right to find their perfect match. 

Tinder recently revealed that there will no longer be background checks on their site. The official end date was Aug. 31. Andrew Hendel, CEO and founder of online dating platform Marshmallo said: “I believe dating sites have a responsibility to their users to take basic steps to prevent people from experiencing harm. Dating sites should ensure that the people on their apps are real, that they are who they say they are, and that they are not sex offenders. In addition, precautions should be in place for unwanted messaging and harassment.”  

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A new report from Mashable shows that Tinder’s partner Garbo, which is a nonprofit platform that focuses on promoting safety and harm prevention online, has ended their partnership with Tinder’s parent company Match Group and other companies for good. 

The founder of Garbo, Kathryn Kosmides, said in a statement, “It’s become clear that most online platforms aren’t legitimately committed to trust and safety for their users.”

Background checks on Tinder were easily accessible to daters, who were able to do free background checks or pay a $2.50 and a small processing fee for additional information. This made it convenient for daters to feel more secure with people they were interested in possibly meeting with outside of the app. 

Without background checks, it may be easier to fall victim to dating scams, predators, rapists, identity theft, catfishing, and countless fake profiles and bots. So, what proper precautions should Tinder and other dating sites take from here?


Hendel believes “at the very least dating sites should have identity verification. They should match someone’s photo ID with a selfie and also check those images against any other pictures that the user uploads. This allows other users to know they are talking to a real person, not a bot, and the risks of catfishing are eliminated. A basic check on the sex offender registry should also be standard.”

Before joining a dating site, checking what the site offers as safety precautions would be recommended. You can also do your own background checks as an extra measure. Dating platform Marshmallo identifies all members and screens out registered sex offenders for free. Background checks are necessary to weed out members that shouldn’t be on the site, video chatting before meeting up should also be a part of the steps before meeting in person to ensure the person in the picture is the person you’re talking to.

These tips and preventative measures can help avoid disastrous outcomes. Will you continue to use Tinder and other apps that don’t do background checks? Whether yes or no, what is your reasoning?

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