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Caught In Another Lie: Donald Trump Claims His Tucker Carlson Interview Had More Views Than Oprah’s Sit-Down with Michael Jackson. Reports Show That’s Not The Case.

Former president Donald Trump baselessly boasted that his sit-down with Tucker Carlson had more views than Oprah Winfrey’s 1993 interview with Michael Jackson. 

“I don’t know if you saw the number of views, but it was a record-setting number,” Trump told Newsmax last Friday, Aug. 25.

Donald Trump Claims His Tucker Carlson Interview Had More Views Than Oprah's Sit-Down with Michael Jackson. Reports Show That's Not The Case.
Former President Donald Trump and Michael Jackson (Photos: Getty Images)

Trump, who is currently in hot water after getting booked in Georgia, refers to his 46-minute discussion with ex-Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson posted on X, previously known as Twitter. 

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As of Tuesday, the social media platform shows that the video was “viewed” 262.3 million times. However, as Forbes reported, the number shown on the video includes the users who saw the tweet on their timeline, regardless of whether they watched the interview or not or if they follow Carlson. Specific video views are not shown on the platform. 

Trump continued to brag on Truth Social the day after the interview, stating that it’s “the single most watched Video and Interview in HISTORY.”

He added: “Such a great honor to have participated. 257,000,000 Views, and counting – more than doubling the long time reigning Champ, the Oprah Winfrey interview of Michael Jackson. THANK YOU!”

Winfrey’s live interview with Jackson garnered an average of 62 million views at the time. Per Mashable, Trump’s interview only solidified about 14.8 million views as of Thursday. On X, a video view is counted during autoplay if it plays for more than two seconds or when a person is scrolling on the app, and the video is still halfway shown on their screen, according to the report. 

“Our country is dying for a good country again. We’re a failing nation, we’re a failing country,” Trump claimed on Newsmax, adding: “We had a country that people want to get back to, and that’s why we had the number.”

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