‘This Man Coughing Finna Catch a Heart Attack Thinking He Finna Get Cancelled’: Steve Harvey Goes Off, Seemingly Fires Staff Member After Receiving Swift Backlash for ‘Negative’ Social Media Post

Steve Harvey Enterprises seemingly is down one social media specialist after tweeting an off-brand post that seemed to invite fans to talk negatively about other comedians. The “Kings of Comedy” star took a break from a personal rest retreat to not only address the comment but distance himself from the spirit of the post.

Harvey made the video and posted it on social media Aug, 25 so that everyone could hear it straight from him.

“I had to take some time to address this here. I came down here to get away… get in some nature… do some fishing. Somebody works for me on my Twitter put a statement out that was totally negative,” the “Family Feud” host said. “I gotta take responsibility for it because they work for me.”

The Aug. 19 post in question asked fans “A comedian you don’t find funny at all?”

“Why would I do something like that? Don’t even make no damn sense. My whole brand is to be motivational and I’m going to turn around and say something like that. You don’t know where these young people are at in their careers,” he said.


“I’m all about positivity I would have never done nothing like that!” he said before coughing.

According to the $200 million entertainment, the person wrote the provocative quote to “get some engagement.” His comedic rebuttal, now the person has to “get some employment too.”

He ended the video saying, he had to come on social and do “a damn selfie,” and issue an apology to his millions of followers.

Fans could not help but tap into social media and comment on the clip.

“Steve pissed. Took him 2 days to even know what was going on.”

“You know you mad when you lose wind.”

“They lost they job and Steve had to do a damn selfie.”

“The fact I can see the frustration in his face! He’s so sick of social media.”

“Got this man coughing finna catch a heart attack thinking he finna get cancelled talking about a selfie.”

Vinnie from Naughty By Nature hopped in the comments and issued comedian Godfrey, who is known to imitate Harvey, a challenge, “You got 12 hours” to make a spoof on this.

On the flip side, it did help Harvey’s team get back on track. After his personal video, most of the videos his team posted were about him as a motivator from different platforms that he is on and about getting to the bag.

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