Irv Gotti Says ‘Love Isn’t In The Cards’ Following Failed Relationships With 26-Year-Olds Who Want His Money

Irv Gotti and the “Drink Champs” crew continue to make headlines with their latest collaboration.

In their second meeting since last year, Gotti talked about everything from his fallout with Fat Joe for defending his storied history with Ashanti, Dame Dash, and Jay-Z, and even the YSL case in Atlanta; but one topic that got a lot of people talking was when Noreaga N.O.R.E got Gotti to talk about the status of his love life.  

When N.O.R.E asked Gotti if he could be monogamous, the Murder Inc. Ceo responded by saying, “I would love to have one bad b—h that’s with me a hunnid percent. I just don’t think it’s out there … for me.”

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Gott was previously married to his ex-wife Debbie for more than a decade before they got divorced in 2013. The “Drink Champs” crew started joking that he would need a prenup immediately, which made Gotti speak on the topic of money.

“I’m gon’ have a ill prenup n—a,” Gotti answered. “You know chicks be rubbing me the wrong way. You can’t get me and you always askin for s—t, asking for money, asking me for things cause you know I got it. That’s the fastest way to lose me.”

Noreaga joked again, asking if he was a sugar daddy, but Gotti didn’t play around when he responded with a straight-faced “No.”  

Gotti then brings up a girl that he claims would die for him to be her sugar daddy. He described her as a 26-year-old “gorgeous” Dominican woman but everything fell apart when she asked him for some money.

“Where does she get off asking for $25,000? and then in the back of my head, I’m like, this is the tip of the iceberg. If she’s my girl that bih she gone, ask I need a hunnid thousand,” added the producer.

Gotti said that he can’t have a girl come up off the money he has earned and uses to help support his family. “That’s why I don’t think it’s in the cards for me. I don’t know if I can find someone who I’m gonna be attracted to that’s like a nice, good person,” he stated.

X (Twitter) users gave Gotti some ideas on how to make better choices when it comes to the women he chooses to date.

“…stop tryna holla at girls in they 20s for starters.”

“Has it ever occurred to him that maybe working on himself and pursuing women his age might do the trick?”

“Either be a sugar daddy or find someone ya age.”

The self-proclaimed devil’s advocate Noreaga then asked was the $25,000 the young lady wanted for a family emergency. Gotti explained that it was for her college tuition.” The panel started laughing and saying that Gotti missed out on a good girl. Meanwhile, Noreaga encouraged him to be her “sugar daddy and go to the college let me see the grades.”

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