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‘Y’all Let Boys Do Anything’: Mom Faces Backlash on Social Media for Allowing 15-Year-Old Son to Get a Tattoo on His Birthday

A Florida woman is receiving backlash online after she allowed her teenage son to get a tattoo. 

The debate is brewing under Liya Beeya’s post on Facebook after the mother shared that her son got ink for his 15th birthday. In the caption, Beeya outlined her and her son AJ’s conversation before getting the tattoo.

A mom’s decision to allow her 15-year-old son to get a tattoo sparks debate on social media. (Facebook/Liya Beeya/Screenshot)

“Son…..What You Want For Your Birthday?” she wrote on Aug. 15.

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“A Tattoo,” he responded. He said he wanted the tattoo design to be his mother’s first name. 

“Let’s Go,” she said. “Anything For You, BABYBOY.”

The post included photos of Beeya with what appears to be her two sons and AJ’s basketball birthday cake. It also shows the tattoo on the teen’s forearm with the word “Ahlia.”

Some people in the comment section slammed the mother’s decision to allow her son to get the tattoo, stating that he was too young. (Minors younger than 16 are not legally allowed to get tattoos in the state of Florida, even with a parent’s permission.)

“Some of y’all moms try to play the friend card too much to y’all children and allow them to grow up too fast ain’t no way a 15-year-old child should be focused on a tattoo that he/she may later regret,” one person said. 

“Y’all let boys do anything. It’s no way I’m letting my kid get a tattoo,” another person wrote. 

Others argued that they were around the same age when they got their tattoos and championed the fact that Beeya gave her son permission rather than him getting it behind her back. 

“Mind the business that pays you at least he ain’t sneaking around behind her back and doing it. It’s a meaningful tattoo, and she approves,” one user wrote. “Other people’s opinions irrelevant.”

Another person added: “If she would of said no, he would of just snuck and got one. Choose your battles wisely. Hopefully, she sat down and had a good convo with him before taking him.”

Shocked that her son went viral, the mother made a separate post saying AJ appreciated his birthday wishes, but “when Them Basketball Videos Go Up “SHARE THEM TOOO.”

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