Judge Issues Restraining Order for Bengals Star Ja’Marr Chase Against Woman Allegedly Making ‘Disturbing’ Claims Following One-Night Stand

As the Cincinnati Bengals prepare for the 2023 season, star wideout and 2021 Offensive Rookie of the Year Ja’Marr Chase announced that he recently got a restraining order against a woman he had a one-night stand with in 2021.

Chase says the woman, Ambar Hunter, known on her Instagram as Ambar Nicole has been harassing him and his mom Toeleah Chase for months, over claims that she gave birth to a child fathered by the athlete.

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In court documents Chase who described the harassment and threats as “unhinged” and “disturbing,” is taking matters into his own hands in an effort to gain some peace about the situation.

Ambar Hunter allegedly stalks Ja'Marr Chase who file restraining order
Ambar Hunter claims she gave birth to Ja’Marr Chase’s child. Instagram/Ambar Nicole

Chase Filed Restraining Order In Los Angeles County

As of Tuesday the judge had issued a temporary restraining order for the woman to stay at least 100 yards away from Chase and his mom. A hearing on whether the restraining order will become permanent is scheduled for Sept. 7 .

On Wednesday Chase’s attorney’s filed a motion stating the following:

“Earlier today Mr. Chase filed a restraining order in Los Angeles County in connection with Ms. Hunter’s ongoing harassment of Mr. Chase and his family since 2021.”

“After exhausting every out of court remedy, he was left with no other option. Mr. Chase intends to use all legal options to protect himself and family from this unwarranted harassment. We have no further comment while this matter is pending.”

Chase says since that one night of fun she’s done everything in her power to destroy his brand, endorsement deals and reputation.

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