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‘You’re Black, So You Have Rights?’: Crazed North Carolina Mother Goes Berserk on Neighbor After Her Dog Wanders In Woman’s Garage

A North Carolina woman exposed her neighbor’s fiery diatribe over a dispute involving a dog on her property.

According to an Aug. 5 post shared on X, previously known as Twitter, Bre said her neighbor’s dog ran into her yard and garage. In the 18-second video, she could be heard telling the neighbor to put the dog on a leash. The initial incident was captured on her Vivint doorbell camera. 

A North Carolina woman shows verbal attack from neighbor over dog dispute. (Twitter/@_itsMissBre/Screenshot)

The neighbor apologized, but Bre pointed out that this is a repeat situation, happening about four to five times before, the video shows. The neighbor tells Bre that “she doesn’t have to get rowdy.”

A second video uploaded to her account, @_itsMissBre, shows what Bre says was the neighbor’s reaction to her request. The neighbor could be heard screaming, “Get off my property,” from the front of her house. 

“I’m not on your property, and I never was,” Bre said. “You look crazy. You look like you’ve lost your mind.

“I will show you crazy,” the neighbor responded. The neighbor comes into frame and tells her to “take her a** inside” before sitting down in a chair. 

Bre likens the neighbor’s behavior to that of a child asking: “Is this how you talk to people?” Seconds later, the neighbor stormed in her direction and pushed another woman, later identified as her mother, aside and walked past her.

“I wish to God that you put your hands on me,” Bre said.

“Girl, you better get the f**k away,” the neighbor said as she was on her property. “Whatever. What are you Black? You’re Black so you have rights?”

The neighbor continues to walk a few steps down the blocks after making the remarks. Family members who are with the neighbor attempt to de-escalate the situation, gesturing for Bre to put her camera down.

“No. No. No. Let her say what she has to say. I haven’t stepped over my property line, but I will make sure everybody knows you’re a racist,” she said. 

“Yeah, you are a racist,” the neighbor continues,” You just think that you’re Black so you’re up in my face, yeah. Oh, she’s Black, you guys. Be scared. Run. I don’t give a flying f**k if you’re purple.”

The neighbor shoos her family to go inside the house before standing by her children. 

“You’re scaring your children,” Bre said. “Is this how you’re going to act in front of your kids? Is this maturity? Because I asked you not to let your dog run in my garage?”

“B**ch, what are you trying to do? A record?” the neighbor responded before asking her if she was recording. Once she realizes she is being filmed, she makes a final statement while looking directly into the camera and calls her a “freak” before it cuts out. 

In the caption of the video, Bre said that she filed charges against her neighbor, who she claims also hit her. Bre’s second video has nearly half a million views on the social media platform. 

“This lady yelling in her mom’s face and even worse pushing her own mom just bc she wants to be crazy and racist on us literally insanity,” one user wrote in response to the video.

Similarly, a Black therapist posted a TikTok video showing a white woman harassing and calling the police on her while sitting in the common area of her office building. 

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