‘I Thought That Was Her Son’: Draya Michele Trends Online After Being Spotted with 21-Year-Old NBA Star

Many people know that bombshell Draya Michele has been an “it” girl in many sectors of entertainment.

Rappers, celebrities, and athletes’ blow-ups are often accented by the model being on their arms, and now Jalen Green appears to be the next lucky guy.

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Draya Michele wants her deal with Savage X Fenty back after being dropped for Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez joke. (Photo:@drayamichele/Instagram)

Recently, the 21-year-old No. 2 2021 NBA draft pick was spotted out with the much older Michele. The former “Basketball Wives” star is 17 years his senior, and she wore a dark grey two-piece workout set while Green wore a white t-shirt and camouflage shorts.

When the pictures of the two walking side by side began to circulate, the internet exploded. People started talking primarily due to the fact that the 38-year-old Michele is a parent of two kids.

The younger child, Jru Howard, was born in 2016 during her past relationship with Orlando Scandrick, a former NFL cornerback. Her older son, Kniko Howard, was born in 2002, making him close in age to Green. Kniko started his first year of college in Aug. 2021 at Georgia State University.

Social media users had a ball talking about their speculated relationship.

“She pushing 40 , what is she doin datin a 21 year old who she old enough to be his momma ? SMH.”

“Don’t She got a son the same age?”

“Hopefully this is her sons friend and she’s taking him home bcus????????”

“She looks great and he’s handsome. Go Draya!!”

“I thought that was her son She looks good tho.”

Some believed Green was covering up a few recent videos of him dry-humping his teammate. “I wonder how much he paid her to cover up for those videos.”

Other comments were all for two consensual adults doing consensual adult things.

“Let them grown folks do what grown folks do… mind their business and keep out of yours/ #BeHappy bcuz when you’re [dead] and gone the haters will simply find somebody else to harass.”

However, many brought up the last person Michele went public with, writing, “I thought shorty was with Tyrod Taylor.”

It’s unclear exactly what Michele’s connection to Green is, but it’s clear she has a thing for Texas players. In 2020, she began dating former Houston Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Michele even congratulated him on signing a two-year contract with the New York Giants in March 2022. However, both appear to have deleted photos and videos of each other from their respective Instagram pages.

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