‘Would Never Happen to White Actors’: Fans Blast Publication After it Mistakenly Calls Damson Idris as Idris Elba’s Younger Brother ‘Could Idris Elba Younger Brother Damson be the next James Bond’

Mail Online, a British publication, made a glaring error in its reporting, falsely reporting Idris Elba and Damson Idris are brothers due to their somewhat similar names. The context of the article was that Damson might take a role from his supposed ‘older brother’ Idris, who many thought might be the next James Bond.

Problem is … there is no blood relation between the two actors.

Separated at birth? Idris Elba (left), Damson Idris (left).

Fans were outraged that the mistake was made.

“Would never happen to white actors.”

“They just letting any ole body write articles these days.”

“I wanna hear the rationale behind the factual check before publishing or was this supposed to be funny?”

“1. They are brothers because they are both black male leads Or 2. Damson Idris’ last name is the same as Idris Elba’s first name.”

Damson even got in on the joke. Sharing a photo on his Instagram and referring to himself as “Damson Elba,” playing up the mistaken identity.


Idris cluelessly jumped into the comment section, asking, “Wait…what just happened?” Fans reveled in this lighthearted exchange, envisioning the possibility of a thrilling “Wire/Snowfall” crossover special starring both talented actors.

This is not the first time people have thought the two might be related, according to the “Snowfall” rapper.

“It’s so funny, because the first time I met Idris Elba was at my good friend Edward, he was doing like a little party honoring Spike Lee in London,” Damson said.

“It was all these people there and Idris Elba was like, ‘Hey, come over here.’ I walk over to him and he’s like, ‘I know you, I know you, they always ask if you’re my little brother. You’re doing good, you’re doing good,’” he continued.

In reality, they only share a geographical similarity, both hailing from different parts of London (Damson is from Peckham, South-East London, and Idris is from Canning Town in East London, which are about 30 minutes apart). They both share African ancestry.

For some years, fans have been naming Idris as a leading contender for the role. Now, with Damson rising in recognition for his impressive work in “Snowfall,” people are just in a tizzy trying to decide which one would be a more perfect fit for the iconic role of 007.

Why can’t they both nab the role?

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