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‘His Actions … Have Put My Father’s Health at Risk’: Daughter of ‘Good Times’ Star John Amos Says She’s ‘Pleased’ Following Her Brother’s Arrest for Allegedly Sending Her Threatening Texts

The sad story of “Good Times” actor John Amos took another turn this week after news broke that his son, Kelly K.C. Amos, was arrested on July 16 for allegedly threatening his sister, Shannon Amos.

The “Good Times” actor’s kids have seemingly been at odds since Shannon revealed that her father was a victim of financial exploitation and elder abuse. She also reportedly had her brother removed as the medical power of attorney over their father.

K.C. was arrested in West Orange, New Jersey, after she claimed he threatened her life with a video and text messages that he sent her with photos of guns and gang affiliations.

Actor John Amos, his son K.C. and his daughter, Shannon. (Photos: @k.c.amos/Instagram; @officialshannonamos/Instagram)

n one message he sent with images of a rifle, he said, “that big one can clean a turkey out from 3 football fields away,” according to People magazine.

The 52-year-old was arrested for threatening to “kill Shannon with the purpose of putting her in imminent fear of death.” She alleged that she feared for her life after her brother made “terroristic threats.”

Shannon told the outlet that she was “pleased” K.C. was being held responsible for his behavior.

“My family and I continue to advocate and fight for the proper care of my father,” she said. “I am pleased that Kelly is being held accountable for his actions which have put my father’s health at risk, and look forward to resolving this matter in private with the proper authorities.”

Shannon went on to say her 83-year-old father would be getting the “best” medical care going forward.

“Despite false accusations and defamatory statements being made against me, I remain committed to ensuring that he receives the best medical care,” she continued. “John Amos may be known as ‘America’s Dad’, but for me, he is my father.”

It can be inferred that K.C. has been released from jail due to a video clip that appeared on his Instagram Story on July 21. It features a man evading police officers during an arrest by running around and hopping over fences.

Shannon’s rep also shared a statement with the outlet, insisting there is no “sibling rivalry” between her and K.C.

“The family and Shannon are all working together to get John the care he needs,” said the film producer’s rep. “In fact, he actually told Shannon’es daughter that he did not recall any of the statements he previously made regarding this issue.”

Shannon first raised concerns last May with a GoFundMe for her father, where she claimed that he was in the ICU at a Memphis hospital. She also claimed the state of Colorado, where the actor owns property, was investigating the elder abuse claim.

Amos denied that he was in the ICU and that he was a victim of elder abuse. In a video shared by K.C. on social media in June, Amos again denied he was an abuse victim while speaking to the authorities in Colorado on a celphone and instead accused Shannon of “taking advantage” of him.

Shannon claimed the same month that K.C. had been removed as his power of attorney and could no longer make medical decisions for him after footage of Amos refusing to go back inside the hospital was shared on social media.

Amos held his son’s hand in the video as he told a woman named Johanna Wright, “I’m not going back in there.”

After leaving the hospital, Amos was reportedly transferred to Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in New Jersey.

K.C. became irate, telling Wright she was being disrespectful, to which she responded, “You need some help. Your father needs some help. This is dysfunctional. This is a fractured family.”

Amos then asked Wright to revoke her status as his power of attorney, which she refused. “That wouldn’t be responsible of me, especially when I see what’s going on,” she replied.

It’s unclear when Wright became the power of attorney, but K.C. alleges he was denied access to see his father on Father’s Day. He also claimed he was removed from the hospital in Memphis by police and accused the staff of kidnapping and ongoing fraud, as his father stated that the hospital only wanted his money.

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