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‘He Just Left Her with Nothing’: Tisha Campbell’s Friend Seemingly Throws Shade at Her Ex-Husband Duane Martin for Taking All Her ‘Money’ In Messy Divorce

Tisha Campbell seemingly has been living her best life since legally dropping the last name of her ex-husband, Duane Martin, in May 2022. Their 20-plus-year marriage led to two kids and a messy public divorce that dragged out for over two years.

Tisha Campbell Martin Duane Martin
Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin. (Photos: @tishacampbellmartin/Instagram, @duane_martin/Instagram.)

The actress says she walked away with nothing after accusing her child’s father of emotional, mental, and physical abuse and hiding assets during their marriage, which Martin denied.

But Campbell’s friend recently took a jab at her ex in a TikTok video shared on Instagram on July 12. It features the “My Wife & Kids” star and her friend, singer Dani Wright, using an “aged filter,” which shows both ladies appearing much older than they are.

“Mannnnn, why this chick @iamdaniwright always lettin’ me have it!! I hate this filter #funny #comedy,” Campbell wrote in her caption.

Yet many in the 54-year-old’s comment section focused less on how she looked and more on what she said in the video.

“Oh this is not good at all. I look like my man left me,” said Campbell, adding as her friend began laughing, “Took all my money.” Wright then said, “That already happened,” to which Campbell replied, “Oh, you b——h.”

Fans were in tears after noticing how Campbell was caught off guard by her friend’s remarks, though many felt it was an appropriate description.

“When she said ‘That already happened’ I fell out.”

“He did her so wrong how he just left her with nothing and didn’t look back! A man is supposed to provide for a woman and protect her! I HOPE SHE GETS WHAT SHES OWED.”

“It’s always that one friend that’s gonna remind you how data [black ninja emoji] played with you.”

“The story of her ex needs to be told on Netflix along with all the men and relationships everybody say he destroyed.”

One opposing social media user wrote, “Tbh she gotta hold that L tho.. She was in her prime, and outta all the dudes she could’ve got she chose Duane Martin He been a D List actor his whole career.”

Campbell and Martin married in 1996 and separated after she filed for divorce in 2018. The following year, she was granted a restraining order and moved out of their family home.

In one incident, the “Uncoupled” star explained how a 2016 argument on Easter morning, “ended with Duane using my neck to slam me against the wall, choking me in our bedroom.”

She said she tried to rub the “red marks” on her neck away before guests began to arrive at their home for dinner.

Campbell continued, “I stopped short when I saw my cousin Dominique Stockley in the kitchen, who had been waiting to help me. I could tell she heard everything. I gave her a ‘Don’t ask me anything and don’t say a word’ look.”

After their separation, the couple was accused of hiding $50,000 from trustees in their bankruptcy case. In return, Campbell accused Martin of hiding and misappropriating funds during their marriage in her divorce complaint.

Following their departure, Martin requested spousal support and accused his ex-wife of being a negligent mother.

In 2019, Campbell attempted to block the $1.5 million deal he stood to make by selling the family home in Chatsworth, California. The deal reportedly would have allowed him to pay back the loan he got from his longtime friend and “All of Us” co-star Will Smith.

After finalizing their divorce in December 2020, Campbell revealed that she was left with “nothing” as she still had to take care of their two sons.

“No one knows that but I had nothing in the bank. Nothing,” she said during an emotional interview with “Entertainment Tonight.” “I had maybe seven dollars to my name, and I was scared. It was like I was starting all over.”

She added, “Starting over is not always the easiest thing, but it is a necessary thing, and it’s a beautiful devastation.”

The former couple share two sons, Xen, 21, and Ezekiel, 14.

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