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Tyler Perry Calls Out Janet Jackson and Jill Scott for Holding Up the Next Installment of ‘Why Did I Get Married’, Scott Responds

It seems as if Tyler Perry is all set and ready to add a third addition to his “Why Did I Get Married?” saga films. 

In an exclusive interview with “Entertainment Weekly” while attending theGrio Awards on Oct. 22 2023, Perry was asked about a potential trilogy where he shared that the possibility is in the hands of former co-stars and iconic singers Janet Jackson and Jill Scott. 

(L) Jill Scott @missjillscott/Instagram (R) Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson screenshot from @janetjackson/Instagram

“If Janet and Jill Scott say yes, I’m waiting for them to say it.” 

Perry’s response made its way onto the Twitter page for “Entertainment Weekly.” 

“Tyler Perry reveals to ET who has to say ‘yes’ for the third ‘Why Did I Get Married?’ movie to get the green light,” “Entertainment Weekly” tweeted. 

The tweet just so happened to find its way to the “A Long Walk” singer’s timeline, where she not only quote tweeted it, but tagged the rest of her “Why Did I Get Married” castmates, confirming that she received notice of this anticipated affair. 

“@tylerperry @michaeljaiwhite @lammanrucker @tashasmith4real @richjonesactor and Sharon Leal already said yes?? I just got a text message yesterday. Hey @janetjackson sis you get a text message?”

It wasn’t long before fans noticed Scott’s tweet and responded in hopes of one day witnessing a proper ending for the “Why Did I Get Married” series.  

“Lord pls bless this to happen. We need it”

“Janet better say yes omg”

“Don’t be yanking my chain nie miss Scott”

Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married” films are in the filmmaker’s top-10 most popular movies, grossing over $115 million dollars combined. 

The movies follow the lives of four couples who go through their own marital problems that have them questioning if marriage is truly worth it. 

Due to the movie’s popularity, Perry was able to create a “Why Did I Get Married” television spin-off titled “For Better Or Worse,” which followed the lives of fan-favorite couple Marcus and Angela, portrayed by Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith. 

Although it has been 12 years since “Why Did I Get Married Too” first premiered in theaters, it looks as if Perry along with Scott aren’t appalled at the idea of a third movie years later.

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