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‘No Mortgage. No Nothing’: Police Shooting Victim Atatiana Jefferson’s Nephews Get a New Home After Thousands of Supporters Donate Over $350K

A GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising money for the care of Atatiana Jefferson’s two nephews has put them in the position to purchase a new home with no mortgage.

The fundraising effort has garnered over $350,000, with the hope of reaching $450,000 to provide a home for the boys and their caretaker following the death of their mother.

Atatiana Jefferson’s family celebrates the purchase of their new home. (Photo: Instagram/Shaun King)

Amber Carr, Jefferson’s sister and the mother of Zion, 11, and Zayden, 7, passed away on Jan. 30. Zion gained attention as the sole eyewitness to his aunt’s fatal shooting in October 2019 and testified during the trial of former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean, her killer. 

Despite suffering from congestive heart failure, Carr attended the trial until her health declined, preventing her from being present for Dean’s conviction on manslaughter charges. She was deemed ineligible for a heart transplant and succumbed to her illness.

Following Carr’s passing, her sister Ashley Carr took on the responsibility of caring for her two nephews. The funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign secured a new home for the boys and their new guardian. The money also helps Ashley in adopting the children. The goal was to purchase a house in Dallas, as Ashley’s apartment in Houston was too small to accommodate the family.

“The family of Atatiana Jefferson was able to purchase a beautiful brand new home in Dallas WITH CASH because of the thousands of you who chipped in,” wrote writer and activist Shaun King on Instagram. “No mortgage. No nothing.”

Since the campaign started in early December, nearly 10,000 donors have contributed, and the hope was to reach the target of $450,000. Civil rights Attorney Lee Merritt, representing the estate, made a birthday request on Instagram, asking his followers to donate at least $1 toward the cause.

Ashley Carr delivered a heartfelt tribute to her late sister during Amber’s funeral, expressing her commitment to watch over Zion and Zayden.

Court records show that both of Jefferson’s sisters have at least one pending lawsuit against Dean, who was sentenced to nearly 12 years for manslaughter charges in December resulting from Jefferson’s death.

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