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‘And She Still Don’t Know the Words’: Fans Zoom In on Patti LaBelle After She Drops It Low at Usher’s Concert Days After Forgetting the Lyrics During Tina Turner Tribute

Fans are not letting up on music icon d Patti LaBelle f LaBelle, who forgot lyrics during her  Tina Turner tribute performance last weekend for the annual BET Awards.

It appears that many are not letting her forget after she was spotted singing and dancing at Usher’s concert as part of his Las Vegas showcase, “Usher: The Vegas Residency.”

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Patti Labelle (Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

In a viral clip online, LaBelle can be seen dancing to singer Ginuwine’s “Pony,” as concertgoers around her erupted into applause and praise. As much as she appeared to be enjoying herself, fans who zoomed in couldn’t help but notice she missed a few of the lyrics while singing.

“She need to be at home repenting for her sins against Tina.”

“And she still don’t know the words. We gotta help Auntie out with lyrics.”

“She don’t know the words to any of them damn songs either.”

A few came to her defense, including one who said, “Baby auntie isn’t thinking about y’all, get low auntie.”

LaBelle struggled through her performance at the BET Awards, where she paid homage to her late dear friend Tina Turner, who died on May 24.

The 79-year-old Godmother of Soul struggled to read the lyrics to Turner’s hit “The Best” on a Teleprompter that was blocked by patrons sitting in a section. She ended up freestyling some of the lyrics because, as she said while performing, “I can’t see the words; I don’t know. I’m trying, y’all.”

Afterward, she explained the “little” tweaks made in her version, stating that she did her “best.” Fans eventually blamed her for not honoring her friend with the best performance of the big night. Yet others blame production for not making sure she would see the Teleprompter.

To show proof that everyone’s favorite music “Auntie” has a history of forgetting her lyrics due to production, several fans shared throwback videos from her performance at a Christmas special for C-SPAN2, where she forgot the lyrics to “This Christmas.” In one, she can be heard saying, “And it’s the wrong words on the cue card. I don’t know the song.”

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