‘Whatever Ms. Baker Said He Did..He Did’: Tables Turn as Fans Side With Anita Baker After Babyface Admits to Being a Fan of ‘Baddies West’ Star Chrisean Rock

Fans are learning that there is more to Babyface than the long list of hit records he has penned, and as a result, some are giving him a strong side-eye.

Babyface, 64, was among the honorees at the third annual Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards held in Los Angeles on June 26. While onstage accepting his award, he gave fans a glimpse at his more playful side when he disclosed that he too is tuned in to the chaotic reality television scene.

Babyface and Anita Baker (Photo: @babyface/Instagram; Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

“I’m a ‘Baddies’ fan, I watch ‘Baddies’…it’s true, you know,” he said before he proved that “Baddies West” star Chrisean Rock’s song “Vibe” is literally his type of vibe.

“It’s a vibe all the time,” he sang quoting her lyrics as the audience erupted into cheers and applause.

The revelation was a surprise to those who did not expect the love song crooner to be a Zeus Network fan.

“That’s man had already made his hits & money he just having fun now I guess,” wrote one person.

“y’all do know he’s the producer of College Hill & we all know how those went seems like he’s a fan of ratchet tv shows,” tweeted another.

Other social media users viewed the moment as proof that Babyface may have played a larger role in his recent fallout with Anita Baker. He was removed from the iconic vocalist’s “Songstress” tour after she faced cyberbullying from internet trolls she claimed to be his supporters.

“I always believed Anita… Kenneth has been a menace since he & LA bankrupted Toni the 1st time,” read one comment.

“Whatever Ms. Baker said he did..he did,” read another.

The “Whip Appeal” artist addressed the fallout when he appeared on “The Jason Lee Show.” Speaking directly to Baker’s calls for him to “call off” his boys, he claimed there was nothing he could do to defuse the situation.

“I don’t have control over any of those fans … The thing is, there’s nothing I could say to say, ‘Hey, you stop it,’” he said.

While their tour venture soured, he made certain to note that he has the utmost respect for Baker and wished her continued success on the remaining stops. As for his fans, he confirmed that he has his own show in the works.

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