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‘None of It Has Anything to Do with You’: Gabrielle Union Hits Back at Folks Calling Her ’Stupid’ for Not Making Dwyane Wade Pay All Her Bills Amid Criticism About Their 50/50 Household

Gabrielle Union continues to stand behind her and Dwyane Wade’s choice of evenly splitting their household finances, no matter what critics have to say. 

In an exclusive interview with “” the 50-year-old actress acknowledged the internet’s displeasure with their decision, but also noted that not everyone is granted that same financial ability. 

Gabrielle Union defends herself following criticism for evenly splitting bills with her husband, Dwyane Wade. (L-R Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union) (Photo: Gabunion/Instagram)

“I think the takeaway is that some people think of me as stupid for not forcing a very wealthy man to pay for my life,” Union said. “If that works in your house, I love that for you. But that’s not how it works over here. That’s not what brings me joy.”

According to Union, being able to afford her wants, needs and desires means a lot, so she has no problem constantly cutting a check. 

“Paying for half of this house– which is our dream home– paying for half of our vacations, paying for half of our miracle child, I take great pride in that,” she noted.

The pair shares one biological child together, Kaavia James Union Wade, and welcomed her through surrogacy in 2018. Wade had three kids from previous relationships: Zaire, Zaya, and Xavier.

The “Being Mary Jane” star then suggested that her financial decisions have nothing to do with how others should manage their own.   

“You should have so much pride in what works for your household, and you can also allow me to have pride, joy, and peace in how I choose to live my life,” Union suggested. “None of it has anything to do with you.” 

Union has become a hot topic of conversation over the past few weeks after she revealed that she suffers from financial anxiety despite being married to a successful ex-NBA player whose net worth has accumulated to an incredibly large amount of $170 million throughout the years. 

While talking on the Bloomberg Originals show “Idea Generation,” the actress said that she and Wade have other responsibilities they support separately. 

Her candid conversation sparked debates all throughout social media to the point where Wade felt compelled to address the hearsay on a recent episode of the “Club Shay Shay” podcast with Shannon Sharpe earlier this month.

While speaking with the retired football player, Wade said that he and Union are both successful millionaires who can afford their expensive lifestyles. He even revealed that they both decided to sign a prenuptial agreement before saying their “I do’s” in 2014.

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