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‘1st of Our Kind’: T.I.’s Shuts Down Critics Who Draw Comparisons Between His New ‘Unapologetic Hood’ Movie and Ice Cube’s Classic ‘Friday’

After appearing in films like “Takers,” “ATL,” and “Sleepless,” rapper and actor Clifford “T.I.” Harris has learned his way around a movie set.

He’s now shifted gears to work behind the camera on a film he wrote and directed for Tubi in partnership with Swirl Films. But apparently, it has fans drawing comparisons to one of Ice Cube’s classic movies.

Fans draw comparisons between T.I.’s new film “Da Partments” and Ice Cube’s film “Friday.” (Photo: @tip/Instagram; @icecube/Instagram)

The Atlanta native dropped the trailer for “Da Partments” earlier this week. It stars comedians such as DC Young Fly, who doubles as a producer on the film, and Lil Duval and Karlous Miller, who also serve as executive producers.

“The wait is almost over!!!! Get Ready for Uncensored Unhinged Unapologetic Hood humor at its finest… Fresh out the minds of ones who made it out the trenches & laughed all the way to the bank!!!,” T.I. captioned the post on social media.

“And Starring the coolest, funniest MFs in Atlanta. Some you know… & Some you should. We all would like to Welcome you to… DaPartments!!!” 

“Da Partments” has been in the works for nearly two years. T.I.’s 18-year-old son King reportedly is expected to have a role in the movie. King was not featured in the trailer, but he can be shown riding in a car in a flyer for the film. It highlights a group of individuals living at an apartment complex in Atlanta.

However, some critics are saying it looks like a 21st-century version of the NWA founder Ice Cube’s classic flick “Friday.

In a separate Instagram post, TIP shared a fan-made meme that featured the question: “Y’ALL THINK T.I. NEW MOVIE ‘DAPARTMENTS’ GON HIT LIKE ‘FRIDAY’?”

Fans draw comparisons between T.I.’s new film “Da Partments” and Ice Cube’s film “Friday.” (Photo: @tip/Instagram)

He responded to the naysayers in the comments section, writing, “Comparison is the thief of joy … We got our own sh*t goin on… 1st of our kind. Watch, laugh, & enjoy… #DaPartments.”

Many have mixed feelings after seeing the post, including some who felt the 42-year-old’s film doesn’t compare to “Friday.”

One wrote, “Why would y’all compare this 2023 low budget Tubi movie to an all time classic.”

Another said, “Hell no, comedians these days do not know how to act and most of the actors in this trailer don’t know how to act, they making it look like skits put together, why would y’all compare this to Friday.”

Several noted that the “Da Partments” trailer looked of “low quality.” Regardless of the comparisons and criticism, T.I.’s film appears to be its own beast and fans can’t wait to see it.

“I’m here for it seeing as how we didn’t get ATL 2,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“This bout to be dope asf I seen the shift leader, the thot ice lady, and moneybagg mafia,” someone on social media commented.

“I Will be checking this out fo sho,” an anxious movie lover wrote, while another said, “Tubi has me in a chokehold and I’ll be right on it.”

When Cube made “Friday” in 1995, he co-write the movie and secured an executive producer title on the marquee. Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, followed up with three additional films, which did extremely well at the box office.

The first film “Friday” is a stoner comedy that takes place in South Central Los Angeles. It follows Cube’s unemployed character Craig Jones and his friend, Smokey, played by Chris Tucker, who deal with a number of issues that occurred on a Friday. It made $27,467,564 globally at the box office.

The 2002 release “Friday After Next” made $33,253,609 in its theatrical lifetime. But the movie that made the most in the franchise was 2000’s “Next Friday,” which racked up $57,328,603, according to Box Office Mojo.

Cube’s work both in front of and behind the screen has helped him achieve an estimated net worth of $160 million. He has producer credits on other films, including “Ride Along,” Barbershop,” and the Oscar-nominated “Straight Outta Compton.” He also wrote and directed “The Players Club,” starring himself and LisaRaye McCoy.

Meanwhile, T.I.’s net worth is estimated at $20 million, with most of his earnings coming from his three-time Grammy-winning rap career.

Details about “Da Partments” are still under wraps. However, its ensemble cast also features Jayski, T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records artist Tokyo Jetz and many others.

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