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‘Thicker Than a Pot of Cold Grits’: A Video of Fantasia Barrino Performing at a Recent Concert Has Fans Zooming In on Her Thick Physique

Fantasia Barrino has definitely been eating her rice and cabbage— at least that’s what fans are thinking. 

The “American Idol” season-three winner’s assets were put on full display during her recent performance at the Capital Jazz Festival in Columbia, Maryland, on Friday, June 2. 

Fantasia has fans mesmerized after she shows off her curvaceous figure. (Pictured: @tasiaword/Instagram)

For her set, Barrino came out in a skin-tight cheetah print jumpsuit with a black corset that hugged her midsection. Sometime throughout her performance, the 38-year-old decided to pay tribute to the late Tina Turner – who passed away on May 24 after battling a severe illness

Barrino honored the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll by performing her hit song “Proud Mary” in front of a sea of viewers. As soon as the music began, Barrino embodied the Tennessee-born legend by shaking her hips and enthusiastically moving from one side of the stage to the other. 

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An attendee of the jazz festival shared a one-minute and 28-second recording of Barrino’s performance on Twitter, writing, “Whatever @TasiaWord is charging for her concerts, PAY IT! #CapitalJazzFest.” 

While the R&B singer’s vocal ability was once again proven by her incredible vocal control and pleasing tone, many fans could only seem to focus on her curvaceous physique. 

Currently, the video has over two million views and over 900 quote tweets from commenters amazed at how thick Barrino appeared to have gotten. 

“Fantasia is thicker than a pot of cold grits.” 

“BROOOOO Tasia got thick AF!!”

“She looks good and she KNOWS it.”

“I hope this crowd knows how blessed they are for experiencing this firsthand.” 

In April, the R&B singer shared an IG video that documented her transformation over the past eight months. She also gave fans secret weapons to her all-natural snatched figure

Throughout her recording, the “When I See You” lyricist credited her celebrity fitness trainer Sonya D. along with dietary wellness supplements from a company called Boujee Hippie as her aids toward her journey to losing weight. 

She also shouted out her husband of nearly eight years, Kendall Taylor, for “telling me every day how good I’m looking.” 

Two weeks ago, the trailer for Barrino’s new drama film, “The Color Purple,” dropped. This musical adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel stars Barrino as the older Celie with Phylicia Pearl Mpasi playing the younger version.

The movie follows 38 years after the original 1985 classic in which Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey starred.

Winfrey also happened to be one of the main producers of the movie. 

This star-studded cast includes Halle Bailey, Danielle Brooks, H.E.R., Colman Domingo, Deon Cole and Taraji P. Henson as Shug Avery. 

“The Color Purple” is scheduled to hit theaters on Christmas Day.

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