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‘Are You Kidding Me?’: My Hairdresser Charged Me a Fee Because My 1-Year-Old Cried at Her Hair Appointment. Another Time, My Stylist Canceled When I Was En Route, Then Ghosted Me.

An Atlanta woman took to TikTok to express her frustration with a local hair braider. In the video, TikToker Matching My Mommy, also known as Shaun, shared her disappointing experience and nearly broke down in tears.

Shaun had booked an early morning appointment with the braider but says she wasn’t aware the appointment had been canceled just as she was about to reach the salon. She went live on social media at 7:40 a.m. to express her dissatisfaction, as the stylist had disappeared after Shaun questioned the decision.

Atlanta Speaks Out About Hairstylists
TikToker Matching My Mommy speaks about her disappointment in a video after a stylist canceled while she was on her way to her appointment. (Photo: Matching My Mommy/Instagram)

Shaun expressed her shock at the level of unprofessionalism she says she encounters with Atlanta braiders and stylists. She had made her appointment a week in advance and even received an automated confirmation. However, while purchasing hair she would need for the service, she noticed on the stylist’s website a note stating that the stylist’s business phone is turned off on Sundays. Shaun grew concerned, as she said her appointment was scheduled for 8 a.m. on Sunday, May 21.

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Despite her worries, the stylist assured Shaun that the appointment was confirmed and that she would inform her “in advance” if any changes occurred. Shaun had planned to attend some important personal events the next morning, including her nephew’s graduation and her daughter’s ceremony.

“Are you kidding me!” she exclaimed. “It is the morning of, 30 minutes before the appointment, and that’s when you decide to cancel on me?”

Shaun is one of several women who have complained about hairstylists taking excessive liberties and being unprofessional with their clients.

Influencer Ayanafite also shared a video on social media, listing five major things she refuses to accept from hairstylists. Her video went viral on Twitter, garnering 2.6 million views.

Ayanafite said she despises when stylists take pictures or videos of her hair and post them without consent. She clarified that she did not agree to be a model and didn’t receive any compensation or request to be one.

“I did not sign up to be your model,” said Ayanafite, who has more than 14,000 followers on TikTok.

Another major issue for Ayanafite is stylists being excessively late for appointments. She argued that if she is expected to be punctual, stylists should be as well. Ayanafite shared her frustration over being charged late fees while stylists can run hours behind schedule without consequences.

Shaun also mentioned instances where stylists arrived two hours late without repercussions, while she faced fines or cancellations for being late by a short period of time. She questioned why clients are not given the same courtesy as professionals.

“If I can’t be late, neither can you,” the TikToker said, explaining that it is unreasonable for her to be charged an exorbitant late fee but her stylist, who could easily be running two hours late, is absolved from any penalty.

Ayanafite criticized stylists who eat while styling their clients’ hair, deeming it “disgusting.” Additionally, she complained about excessive fees, especially when stylists itemize each service, causing the overall price to skyrocket. Ayanafite expressed her dissatisfaction when stylists working from home engage in the same price-inflating practices.

“That’s no disrespect to anybody,” Ayanafite said. “But I’m not paying you six, seven hundred dollars for a sew-in for you to do it in your [house].”

Shaun also mentioned how stylists have shown up two hours later than the appointments without any issues, noting that she has been fined an extra $50 or canceled for coming a few minutes late.

“I get that because if I’m late it throws the next person off … but as professionals, why do you not give your clients the same courtesy?” asked the mom of four.

Even worse, according to Shaun she recently had to pay a hairstylist an additional $70 for a crying fee because her 1-year-old got upset during an appointment for a $40 hairdo.

While their videos received mixed reactions, with some viewers sympathizing and others defending hairstylists, some stylists responded by explaining the challenges they face. They highlighted the expenses they incur, the need to turn a profit and the unrealistic expectations of clients seeking affordable services.

One stylist, in response to the videos, emphasized the high booth rent and the need to charge reasonable prices to cover expenses. She dismissed the notion of providing services for $50 to 100, stating that it is no longer feasible in 2023.

“Ima keep asking y’all … .if my booth rent $300-375 a week. WHY would I charge u $80-100 for a install? Do yall know how ignorant yall sound fr? It’s the complete equivalent to you working yo min wage job and only got enough to pay certain bills!” @shaneseeeeeeee wrote on Twitter. “Dis aint 2012 no mo ain’t nobody finna be doing nobody hair for no $50-100.”

The hairdresser believes she was one of the few skilled stylists who charge reasonable prices based on her expertise. She shared a screenshot of her services, highlighting a flip-over sew-in priced at $230. The service includes shampoo, blow dry, optional trim, deep conditioning and customizable styling with detailed layers.

For this stylist, she said the add-ons are color, crimps and pin curls, for example, leaving those still complaining with a resource for a cheaper stylist.

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