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‘Needs Some DEEP DEEP CONDITIONING’: Gabrielle Union’s Natural Hair Post Goes Left After Fans Zoom In on Her ‘Damaged Ends’

Gabrielle Union’s flawless beauty seems to have hit a snag after she unveiled her natural hair in a new social media post.

Union, 50, shared a video of her wash-and-day process as she nurtured her natural tresses after wearing a protective style for months. The actress has been photographed wearing long boho braids since mid-April.

Gabrielle Union shows off her natural hair. Photos: Gabunion/Instagram

The post showed Union combing through her hair with the help of her mini-me, daughter Kaavia James, applying pre-shampoo treatments to her scalp and roots, deep conditioning, and detangling post-wash.

All the while, she comically chimed in with remarks like, “Welcome to old age, kids” as she showed off her grays.

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“I had to use the d–n sample because my family done stole from me,” she added as she showed off a large container of her hair-care brand Flawless’ new leave-in conditioner. At the end of the video, she showed off her cared-for afro as she strutted past a floor-length mirror in a white tank top and bikini underwear.

The “Cheaper By the Dozen” star appeared to be proud of her hair, but critics in the comments implied that she should feel otherwise. Some of their remarks read:

“You are entirely too rich for your hair to not be healthy.”

“All I kept thinking bout was clipping her ends.”

“That hair look like it needs some DEEP DEEP CONDITIONING… it looks damaged.”

Union’s loyal fans, however, came to her defense. “Everyone always say they want to see real but then say so many horrible comments…like d–n everyone hair and hair journey is DIFFERENT,” wrote one person.

“She’s 50 now. Things change with the aging process no matter how much money she has. Ridiculous and rude,” commented another supporter.

Last January, social media users raved about the two-time author’s new look months after she revealed that she had done a big chop in the summer of 2021.

“Y’all, my curls are flourishing,” Union wrote in a post, sharing her new look. At the time she was flooded with unwavering support and encouragement for a bold choice. Some even likened her appearance to that of Janet Jackson.

A third comment regarding her latest post read, “When u in menopause , money don’t mean nothing, it can make hair, skin look terrible for some women and I’m 1 of them women, I’m a couple years older then Gab.” Two years ago, then only 48 years old, Union opened up about being diagnosed with perimenopause when she was in her 30s.

In past interviews and social posts, Union has been transparent about her beauty standards, especially as they pertain to her hair. As a mother, she says it is important to teach Kaavia how to love and embrace her beauty, especially when it does not fit the mold of Eurocentric ideals.

Videos of the mother-daughter duo prove that at only 4 years old, Kaavia is already confident beyond her years.

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