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Lil Scrappy Agrees with the Alleged Mother of One of Future’s Daughters and Her Views on Polygamy. She Claims Men Are Not Meant to be with One Woman, But Does She Have a Point?

The alleged mother of one of Future’s children recently took to social media to share why she’s an advocate for polygamy. Her reasoning had some people touching and agreeing, including rapper Lil’ Scrappy. Others criticized her take, bashing the advice as unmotherly and rooted in the trauma of failed romantic relationships.

Krystal, who allegedly shares a daughter with Future, recently uploaded a video for her 96,000 Instagram followers that has now gone viral due to her explanation of why she finds polygamy so appealing.

“It’s been years that I’ve been interested in a poly relationship. One, because I don’t believe that men are supposed to be with one woman,” Krystal said in her video last week. “I believe they’re able to have multiple children at one time because of that reason and we could only get pregnant once.”

Krystal, one of Future’s children’s mothers, and Lil’ Scrappy agree that polygamy is a good thing. (Photos: @capeverdean_her/Instagram; @reallilscrappy/Twitter)

Though Krystal and Future share one child, he has seven other children with other women. She said she doesn’t think polygamy is always about the sexual aspect, but rather involves coming together and allowing each wife to tap into her strengths for the betterment of the family unit.

“I think that if you build the right poly relationship, it could be [an] amazing thing,” she said before sharing that her male friend has three wives with “different strengths.”

“If you just bring great women and a great man together in a relationship and they all love each other genuinely, it’s not just for the man, it’s for the whole sisterhood … I think it could be a great thing if we just build our strengths together and make an amazing team. So that’s why I’m with the poly s—t,” Krystal concluded.

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It didn’t take long for people to chime in with their opinions, and Lil’ Scrappy was among them. “Let the church say amen,” the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star and father of four replied and accentuated with a praying hands emoji.

The video, along with Scrappy’s reaction, was shared in a post by the blog site Its Onsite, which also garnered tons of responses.

Some agreed with Krystal’s stance on polygamy while others called her out. Scrappy was also blasted by some for his take.

“It’s possible to have a successful poly relationship, but I also feel like a man should be financially able to be in a poly relationship, and he has to be a leader too!” one user wrote.

“Any woman that think like this has had numerous encounters with ain’t s—t  men, so to help them get through life they tell themselves this stupid s—t,” another user commented.

“They don’t set standards and boundaries for themselves and all this do is have women settle for less .This is a self worth issue that many women have. Than be mad when years later the same man that dogged you out is now in a loving and committed relationship with a woman with boundaries and rules.”

Those who criticized Scrappy for agreeing said he didn’t have enough money to support a polygamous lifestyle.

“Scrap ain’t got enough bread to be so excited about this,” one user said. “Poly is a rich man sport. Scrappy sit this one out,” another echoed about the reality star.

Scrappy isn’t the first high-profile male celebrity or wealthy businessman to endorse polygamy. Conversations like the one Krystal sparked and series like TLC’s “Sister Wives,” or “Seeking Sister Wife” help glamorize the lifestyle Warren Buffet, Nick Cannon, rappers Finesse2tymes and NLE Choppa also believe in.

Buffet had an open marriage for decades, according to an article by Business Insider. He remained married to his first wife, Susan Thompson while living with a woman named Astrid Menks. The trio even sent out Christmas cards together, the report stated.

Cannon, who has 12 kids with six different women, previously said marriage to one woman for a lifetime is “a Eurocentric concept” during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” in 2021.

“The idea that a man should have one woman, we shouldn’t have anything. I have no ownership over this person,” Cannon said.

In March of this year, the “Wild ‘N Out” creator with a net worth of $20 million revealed he had a system for deciding which of his children’s mothers he wanted to sleep with based on who called.

Meanwhile, Finesse2tymes gave more insight into the lifestyle while explaining why he and others embrace it.

“I gotta have more than one woman,” he said, before explaining that he sprung the idea on two of the women. “I’m such a gentleman, ladies man it was kind of easy. And I done had all of ’em tell me that separately. They like, ‘It’s kind of easy to accept what comes with you because you so humble and down to earth.’ “

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa echoed similar beliefs during interviews in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

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One thought on “Lil Scrappy Agrees with the Alleged Mother of One of Future’s Daughters and Her Views on Polygamy. She Claims Men Are Not Meant to be with One Woman, But Does She Have a Point?

  1. Gina Burnett says:

    Polygamy is nothing new. Most men have more that one woman anyway! Some of the women don’t know each other until the man gets
    caught cheating. I feel like if the man can financially support the woman, and the woman know each other, and are on agreement it can work. Personally, I get tired of my man and wish he would go somewhere else. Then when I am ready, I’ll call. Honesty is the best policy. Ijs

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