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‘This Isn’t a Good Example Sir’: Pastor Deitrick Haddon Catches Heat from Christian Community After Viral Video Shows His Wife Twerking on Him at a Birthday Party, Haddon Responds

Pastor and gospel artist Deitrick Haddon is facing the wrath of fellow Christians after his wife, Dominique McTyer, was captured grinding on him. 

The “Love Him Like I Do” singer recently celebrated turning 50 years old during a huge birthday bash over the weekend. By the looks of one of Haddon’s most recent Instagram videos, he and Dominique had more than a great time. 

Deitrick and Domonique Haddon (Pictured: @dhaddy/Instagram)

In a 33-second recording, the married couple was spotted dancing together before Dominique can be seen twerking on her husband and bending over.

“This is how you turn 50,” Haddon wrote as his caption on Instagram. “You gotta get a good twerk from your wife! Oh yeeeeeeah! This was her at the party so you can imagine my personal after party!! Every great man of God needs a wife that can pray and play!! Amen #cub50 #HappyBirthdayDeitrickHaddon.” 

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While their video appeared to be filled with good vibes, a few folks from the Christian community were not pleased with their public act and instead cast judgment upon the pastor and his wife. Meanwhile, others suggested that he keep certain moments between him and his wife private and off the internet.

“Please leave this for the privacy of your home. Don’t want to be the cause of stumbling for a young believer.”

“What happened to moderation? What happened to modesty ? If this were Jesus,would he have done something like this? The bible says we should not judge but it also says we are the light and salt of the earth. This isn’t a good example sir and ma,this isn’t right.”

Xscape singer Tamika Scott chimed in to defend him, adding, “Yesssssss! Happy 50th @dhaddy Show married couples how to keep the fire burning and how to celebrate with friends and family!!! Love this!!! Enjoy this new chapter in your life! 50…You’re grown now. Happy Birthday!!!!! May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family!!!”

Aside from the backlash, many also came to Haddon’s defense after YouTuber Tasha K shared the same video on her Instagram page. Several individuals in her comments section defended the Grammy Award winner and his wife’s dancing.

“It’s funny the church folks have so much to say about a grown husband and wife dancing with each other but are closed mouth when it comes to predators in the church.” 

“Married Save Folk like to have fun and dance too.” 

“It’s his wife! Not a random woman! Hell ppl think they live under a rock. If they have kids how the hell they think they made them babies!”

Although some in the Christian community couldn’t believe their eyes, Haddon doesn’t appear to be sweating the hate or outrage he’s receiving.

During a radio interview on Praise 102.5 FM’s “The Willie Moore Jr. Show,” the “Preachers of LA” reality star said, “I want ’em to run their mouth because its something to talk about.”

In a clip from the interview that was shared on @soproud2beblack’s Instagram page, the father of three continued, saying, “It’s time to be free in God and without being in sin, it’s time. You go find you a wife that can grind on you and pray with you when she done.” 

Haddon advised, “Don’t get no woman wrapped in swaddling clothes…I been there done that. I can’t do that. If we don’t do it man we gone lose so many more marriages man. We gotta show them the truth.”

Dominique also remained unfazed by the fallout, sharing the same video on her Instagram page. She said she didn’t want to post it “on the Lord’s day” in her caption but she had such a good time she didn’t care.

“My husband turned 50! This is what balance looks like!” she wrote on Sunday. “We had a night where we could be ourselves unapologetically! People learned I am the party! Lol Also you gotta match vibe and energy. Ladies your man wants a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed!” @dhaddy.”

The Haddons have been married since July 201,3 and share three children together; 11-year-old Destin Monët, 9-year-old Denver Monroe and 7-year-old Deitrick Haddon Jr.

The couple married months after the preacher announced his split from his ex-wife of more than 15 years, fellow gospel singer Damita Haddon. The latter years of their marriage were tainted by rumors of infidelity on both ends and Haddon allegedly welcoming one of his current children during their relationship.

What people are saying

6 thoughts on “‘This Isn’t a Good Example Sir’: Pastor Deitrick Haddon Catches Heat from Christian Community After Viral Video Shows His Wife Twerking on Him at a Birthday Party, Haddon Responds

  1. Teemarie Jamison says:

    Them dried up old ppl need to leave him & his WAIT FOR IT WIFE alone!!! He is celebrating with his damn WIFE!!! THEY ARE MARRIED !! Her doing a little dance for her damn HUSBAND How about the ones that wanna cast stone go worry about keeping their marriage spicy like them! Happy birthday Deitrick Haddon God Bless!! Been a Since Preachers of Hollywood!! And when you killed that track for Saints & Singers

  2. Lee says:

    No one is holy than God, but to expose yourself like this is shameful, some things are just private! Some black folks just seem to agree with things that are not okay and this is one of the reasons why our culture is so divided! Also this is why a lot of black folks are leaving the churches. We as a people need to do better!!!

  3. Sil says:

    This is nasty.!!! You both are too much in the flesh and not enough in the spirit . Looking like a pimp.

  4. Mark C. says:

    This is NOT of God, no way, no how, and I don’t care if people like it or not! Call me judgmental all you want, I care more about what GOD thinks of me, than what MAN or WOMAN thinks! This man and woman, married or not, is NO true follower of JESUS! If they were, they wouldn’t have disrespected themselves and GOD, the way they did! Yes, they are married, and the Bible says that the marriage bed is undefiled, but they were NOT in their marriage bed, they were in public! This man calls himself a Pastor, A MAN OF GOD, and his wife considers herself a Pastor’s wife, and WOMAN OF GOD! NO MAN AND WOMAN OF GOD WOULD DISRESPECT GOD THE WAY THEY BOTH DID! Deitrick Haddon and his wife both need to repent to God for what they did, and to the people who follow them and look up to them as believers in God! They are shameful!

  5. Ballers_Boo says:

    Commenting as a wife of 25+ years..… First, Happy Birthday to D. Haddon. Second, they are a good looking couple. Last and most important, pride goeth before a fall. God gave us free will. Do you, but be prepared for the consequences. Men and women of God are held to a higher standard. It is what it is. Love and light ~

  6. Vanessa Lynn Estes says:

    I am a Pastor and I would first like to say “Happy Birthday Pastor Haddon”. Love your gospel music. I will be praying for you because as a pastor myself, temptation can come knocking at your door to do worldly things. This was not the place to show sexual affection for your wife. That is why we must keep our minds stayed on Jesus. God never changes and neither should we compromise with the world. DO NOT CONFORM TO THIS WORLD, BUT BE TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND.

    We as believers of Christ are NEW CREATURES and should live our lives decent and in order. Not to mislead the unbelievers away.

    Yes, we can have fun and fellowship with others. This is not how Christians fellowship and have fun. Living for God is a choice. If it’s getting too hard for you, maybe you should seek counseling and prayer. Your father is an Apostle, go to him and God.

    We are living examples of the BODY OF CHRIST, not of Satan. I’m not angry with you Pastor Haddon or being judgmental. I know the struggles we have as Christians. However, God chose us for a reason. Let’s live right for God’s sake if nothing else.

    Love you and first Lady. Be blessed.

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