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‘People Gone Always Have an Opinion’: California Mom Unfazed By Comments on Her Appearance At Son’s Kindergarten Graduation

A California mom says she’s unmoved by comments on her outfit at her son’s kindergarten graduation ceremony after photos of her pictured beside her son began circulating online.

Meshia Moe posted photos of herself and her son at his ceremony last week. In the photo that was reposted and shared on social media, her son is on Moe’s left wearing a custom graduation stole while Moe stands next to him in a black tank crop top and unbuttoned, unzipped jean shorts.

People have reshared this photo of a mom at her son’s kindergarten graduation ceremony commenting on her appearance. (Photo: Instagram)

Some people took issue with her outfit, saying it was inappropriate for a graduation ceremony and that Moe needs to be “taught” how to dress for certain occasions. Some even questioned where the child’s father was.

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“She didn’t dress appropriate. She looks improper, out of place and stained from her presence,” one Facebook user said.

“At least two things are wrong with this. Her lack of clothing and if he’s not taking the picture the missing daddy,” another user commented.

Others are saying it’s unnecessary and judgmental to comment about her apparel, especially when they don’t know her.

“She is a young mother and all these older people have so much to say about her attire but who is actually standing in the gap with her,” one commenter wrote. “…we judging her not knowing her and at the end of the day she is there. Wanna know how many parents don’t show at all,” one person said.

“She’s active and she’s supporting her son. Some of you people like to sit high and look low. You’re not God to judge or condemn this young lady. Nobody know her story, you only see a picture.. one thing for sure, the world knows she supported her son….”

As for what Moe has to say, she isn’t taking anyone’s opinions of her or her outfit seriously.

“This my son n my body I’ll wear wtf I want,” Moe told Atlanta Black Star in social media message. “People gone always have an opinion. That will never move me. Get out y’all feeling n get n y’all bag.”

What people are saying

15 thoughts on “‘People Gone Always Have an Opinion’: California Mom Unfazed By Comments on Her Appearance At Son’s Kindergarten Graduation

  1. Adh says:

    This person was going for attention ,she knew she would be the attention getter.

    Imit says a lot about her, even not knowing anything about her!!
    Remember first appearance is everything!!!

  2. Former Kindergarten Teacher says:

    I think CPS needs to get involved with this Mom. If her judgement is this poor in her choice of dress to her child’s kindergarten graduation, then what else is going on in that home where her choices are potentially awful for that child. I feel so sorry for her child and hope she doesn’t have any more.

  3. Kayenne says:

    I believe all you who have negative things to say, should take a long look in the mirror with your perfect selves. She is there….you don’t know why she chose to wear what she wore…and frankly it isn’t your business!

  4. Meka says:

    I think ppl need to mind there business they don’t know her situation that’s problem now everybody judging and not helping

  5. Kam thomas says:

    Women women of this day especially black women as they think it’s okay to present yourself like that I have no clue why then turn around and think people are looking at them in the sexual way so yeah it’s your body but think about somebody else too it’s really not about you no more so you want to express your love and you’re feeling all that it’s not about you your son has to deal with that his mom dress like that everybody else has on clothes you like you going to the freak that’s 97. I’m no good father but who was there to stop her from dressing like that I think it was okay to know that she’s raising a male has to see that and no CPS to me I feel that was just some racist intention prejudice but it’s more for respect and morals you have and straight you have for your son

  6. Dave Morgan says:

    We as African Americans are losing our morals we don’t have them any anymore. That’s why everybody just do what they want to time to set an example for a young kids if we don’t who will.? It’s supposed to be the churches with the older crowd telling these youngsters how to pray and how to do things the right way but too many people in church Has turned it into a business. And don’t want to use lose their Popularity.

  7. Mose tyler says:

    We should be more concerned with what others think about our actions instead of what we want. Just because we can do what we want but does that make it right

  8. Carolyn Harvey says:

    She is disgustingly SAD and IGNORANT!! Ihope/pray her son turns out a better common sense than his mother, I really hope/pray that he has someone or others in his life who can or is teaching him about just the simple basics of respect for self/others….MORALS PERIOD!!

  9. Tianna Allen says:

    Everyone’s opinion on this article does not matter none of you individuals know her or or reasoning in why she chose to dress like that all that matters is that she was there for the ceremony all the asking where the father is and all that extra stuff is unessceasry if you ask me everyone on this post has poor judgement because your judging someone from one photo that says a lot about the older supposedly more mature generation sad..

  10. Vincent Miller says:

    She clearly wants attention she wants to be on a talk show show wants to have her chance to be seen. How can anyone not see what’s so damn obvious? She took the time to leave the shorts un buttoned/zipped. Social media and reality shows have given so many the platforms to stand-up and be noticed and bystanders keep pretending it’s for other reasons. This is a shameless world now.

  11. Another black woman says:


  12. Mae Lorenz says:

    This is trashy and inappropriate and disrespectful to her child. And yes, I’m old. I’m old enough to remember when people had morals and mothers didn’t walk around half-naked. What is her son going to think of this when he grows up? And forget all of you with the “don’t judge” someone. I’m judging. She needs to put some damn clothes on. Periodt.

  13. Sama says:

    I have a cousin who reminds me of Ms. More. She loves to dress in provocative clothes and while I can judge her full character , my cousin makes clips of her being the big party girl twerking and doing all sorts of embarrassing dances on them. Yet at the end of the day, her kids loves them. They dress like royalty and treats them like she wants people to treat her.

    The point is that seeing is NOT always believing. It’s awful how there are some people on here who want to call child services on her because of how Mrs.Moe is dressed. Do we know what does on in her house? Other than her dress appeal,did anyone witness her abuse/ neglect her son? We don’t know . Unless we know how the mother treats her kids,we shouldn’t judge her character .

    Being a good mother isn’t about how she dresses her self but how she treats them. There are parent who may dress nicely,come from a two parent background and live in nice house but their kids are treated crap ( I had a friend who was in foster care as a result of this) .In another truthful scenario,a neighbor of mine had a son who recently graduated from high a matter of factly 3 out of 4 ( the 4th is still in high school)of her kids have graduated from high school with on in college). Their mom dressed like Mrs.Moe. Again,like Ms Moe her kids are good ,hard workers and love their mother .

    Even if u call child protection services on Mrs.Moe..unless they find something on her,they will let her keep her kids. Unless the police see any physical evidence and/ or the kids express abuse of any kind,it would be a waste of time
    I rather have the mother who is the provocative dresser and is there for me than dress nicely and isn’t/ treat me badly.

    I also would hate for anybody to have those kids sent to H—- because of this. All we would be doing is sending that kid through the school to prison pipeline. Too many Black children are in this unfortunate situation as it is.

  14. Dee says:

    Ignorant. No discussion or debate needed.One of the biggest problems for black people these days is not racism,its the fact that there are too many mamas and not enough real mothers these days. Everyone of you that supports this type of behavior is ignorant too!!!

  15. siham says:

    thank you

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