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‘Looking Like This Around Middle Schoolers’: Art Teacher Criticized for Dressing Too ‘Sexy’, Claps Back with Parents and Celebrity Support

An art teacher from New Jersey is under fire for dressing too sexy at the elementary school where she works. While some are criticizing her for wearing extremely tight skirts, jeans, tops, etc., others are standing by her, saying she has the right to wear whatever she wants.

The Pennsauken educator posted multiple photos of her on her Instagram account @toyboxdollz, which has 975,000 followers, with clothes that showed off her shape, emphasizing her ample breasts and rear-end, and extraordinarily small waist. Unlike other influencers on the social media platform, what makes her posts controversial is that many of the flicks are taken on the school’s campus and feature the backs of some students’ heads or faces covered with emojis.

Critics have taken objection to her style of dress, claiming she probably distracts the children in and outside of her class. Some comments on the pictures, which have gone viral, called her “desperate” and “inappropriate.”

“Looking like this around middle schoolers?” one person wrote. “Wow, how does nobody find this concerning?”

Italovelea responded to one of the photographs, writing, “You’re sad, taking booty pics during class??!?!?!”

“I mean those kids are literally starting puberty and dealing with all sorts of feelings already. And you’re looking like that?” commended J.swizzlee.

Lafrescacafe blasted the woman on one of her pictures, saying, “You can be a teacher and still be sexy, however, you don’t have to post slutty photos or videos shaking your ass to be sexy.”

One of the more outrageous comments was from Acquiringmoney, who wrote, ‘She got kids taking pics of her ass in class. Another failed Instagram model that went into teaching kindergarten for clout. They always teach kindergarten, never high school physics.”
People are also calling for her termination.

“Get her out, kids don’t need to see the outcome of your surgeries to look sexually appealing,” a person stated.

Others mocked her for getting plastic surgery and for how she poses in the pictures.
“Chile this is ridiculous she know exactly wtf she doin getting her body done like this it don’t even look nice or natural get some help,” a comment read.

“You can’t help your body shape,” one person wrote. “However, you can help what you wear and poses. Teachers doing back shots and extremely fitting clothes? You should probably have a private page for your personal stuff.”

Some people have defended her, saying, “With everything going on in the world today, people are worried about how a teacher looks and what she wears. Some people need a LIFE!”

But according to the unnamed teacher, she has gotten plenty of support, even from the parents of the students she teaches.

Other celebrities and big-name rappers have taken to the internet to defend her, making her even more popular.

Fat Joe has been the loudest champion for her right to be bold and beautiful on his podcast.

“In New Jersey, they got a schoolteacher. They trying to fire her because she too sexy,” Joe starts off. “She too beautiful. She too curv-ish.”

The rapper started to reminisce about a teacher he once had a crush on named Ms. Noelle. He said even as a child attending CS146, he knew she was “beautiful” and was “a special one.”

“There’s a teacher out there in New Jersey that is a special, special one,” he said.
The “Lean Back” don joked about how the children are coming to school with their moms and the mothers possibly getting jealous.

“I say let the woman be great,” he stated. “Can you fire somebody for their looks? Can you fire a teacher that’s ugly? How can you fire a teacher because she bad?” The colloquial use of “bad” in AAVE means “stunning.”

“Leave that woman … let her be great,” he ended his rant.

Still, no voice was as powerful as the Latina, who said not only is it unfair that she is being body-shamed and discriminated against but people should be focused on the teacher shortage more than her clothing.

She said in a 14-minute video on her Instagram account, “Trying to body shame me because I am curvaceous is STILL discrimination!!!’ she wrote on social media.”

“When everyone is done debating back and forth whether my curves are appropriate or inappropriate to exist on this planet earth, I need you go do me a favor, really quick research shortage, teacher shortage. Look that up,” she clapped back.

The artist, who works with big kids and little ones in kindergarten added, “Our educational system is still recovering from these last few years of nonsense. Keep that in mind when you are trying to get someone out of their job.”

She also said her colleagues have been supportive and so have the moms of the children she educates.

The curvaceous instructor says in an additional video, “The mothers at my specific school, the one that I am an actual teacher at, some of the mothers are my biggest supporters.”

“I have seen some of these moms have been under these reports defending my honor without me having to say a peep,” the bombshell continued. “I’m working every day to be a good example for mine. For my family, my students, and for my little ones.”

Within days her Instagram followers have skyrocketed, and many people are donating to her through the badge portal on the account.

The teacher said the money she makes from all of this hoopla will go to a nonprofit she started that focuses on art therapy. This new avenue of fundraising she considers a blessing.

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