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‘I Got Excited for Nothing’: Marlon Wayans Shuts Down Fans’ Excitement After Fake ‘White Chicks 2’ Poster Circulates Online

Marlon Wayans opened the door for fans to run with the idea of a “White Chicks” sequel earlier this year. Now the comedian has had to shut down hope that a follow-up to the comedy flick is already in the works.

Since the movie premiered in 2004, pleas for Marlon, 50, and his older brother Shawn Wayans, 52, to team up again to portray two detectives who cosplay as wealthy twin sisters Brittany and Tiffany Wilson have been heard.

Fans, however, took their anticipation a step further when a mock-up of a movie poster for the nonexistent sequel began circulating on social media.

Marlon Wayans shuts down rumors of a “White Chicks” sequel. @marlonwayans/Instagram

When Marlon caught wind of the poster, he wasted no time dispelling rumors that he and Shawn had been working on the project.

“Not true … AT ALL!” he wrote on a May 17 Instagram post showing off the unidentified fan’s work.

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The fake promotional asset shows the comedic brothers in their blond-haired, blue-eyed costumes as the Wilson sisters as they hold up FBI badges. The poster also features carefully cropped individual images of Marlon and Shawn as themselves and the words “The Girls Are Back!”

At least one person was fooled by the image. “Man I am sooooooo freaking pissed! I got excited for nothing!?!? I’m going to have a BF! Nope, I’m going to write a letter!!!” wrote a hopeful fan.

“Bru come on. At least release a rough cut on Tubi,” remarked another person.

At least one contrarian said the Wayans should not revisit “White Chicks.”

“You wild for this but ion think it needs a sequel the first was just too good,” read the individual’s comment.

A fourth commenter wrote, “Yal too old now. Shut would be White Cougars at this point lol.”

In 2021, the “Fifty Shades of Black” actor said the only way he would ever consider filming a sequel would be if technology made the process of transforming into a white woman easier. “Makeup movies — until they learn how to digitally do it, special effect-wise, ooh that’s a lot of work,” he told GQ.

“That movie almost killed us,” he continued. “We’d work fourteen hours after that. It takes an hour to take the makeup off. Shawn and I would get two hours of sleep for like sixty-five days, or sixty days. … That was hard and almost killed us.”

But there might be a sliver of hope for those keeping their fingers crossed that Marlon will have a change of heart. “I don’t throw that into the universe because I don’t control it. But I would do a ‘White Chicks 2,’” he said during an April appearance on “Drink Champs.”

The multi-hyphenate Hollywood talent did not offer up the context of what it would take to make the film a reality. For now, it seems he is keeping his focus on showing his range as a dramatic actor.

After a guest appearance on season 1 of “Bel-Air,” his critically acclaimed performance in “Respect,” and most recently his role in “Air,” it is evident that Marlon is ready for fans and peers to see him in a new light.

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