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‘He Is The One That Is My True Legacy’: Brian McKnight Speaks Out After Trolls Attack His Family Online and In Public, Explains Why He Named His Infant Son After His Firstborn

Brian McKnight is speaking out again after numerous accusations and allegations from trolls online regarding the way he deals with his older estranged children.

The R&B singer publicly has been scrutinized for only celebrating the children he shares with his current wife, Leilani, while failing to acknowledge his older biological children.

Leilani has two children from previous relationships, which McKnight treats as his own. The couple welcomed a son earlier this year, and fans criticized his decision to name his youngest son after McKnight.

“I make absolutely no apologies for naming my infant son Brian,” he said in a video shared on YouTube. “I want him and the world to know that he is the one that is my true legacy.”

Brian McKnight
Brian McKnight addresses rumors about his estranged children and the children he shares with his wife Leilani. (Photo: @brianmcknight23/Instagram.)

In the video, McKnight addressed all of the rumors being spread online about him and his family.

“Typically, I prefer not to give attention to the internet trolls but now my family is being harrassed online and accosted in public,” he said. “Apparently, because some people can’t handle seeing my happily ever after,” he said.

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The 53-year-old expressed that he will always defend and protect his name and his family, before explaining why he posts some of his children and not all on social media.

“The children that I do not currently have relationships with, I don’t post about them. Instead, I post about the children with whom I do have relationships, with whom I am proud of and about whom I want to share their accomplishments.”

McKnight shares two adult sons: Brian McKnight Jr, and Niko McKnight, with his ex-wife Julie. He also has a daughter, Briana McKnight, from a previous relationship. He said he is proud of the man he is today, the husband he is to his current wife and the father he is to their children together.

“I’m so proud of our love, our family, our life. So I will, without apology, continue to shout about it as loud as I can.”

Directing his message at those who can’t handle seeing love, he asked, “Why are you even on my page? Maybe you should ask yourself that too.”

The “Anytime” singer then went on to discuss the 2020 lawsuit his estranged daughter filed against him after he accused her of sleeping with an older cousin in a 2019 YouTube video, where he also denied being a deadbeat dad. He also shared screenshots of their court docs for critics to view themselves.

“You will see that she did not ask for an apology or even ask that I remove the alleged false statement from the internet. All she asked for and all she wanted was money,” McKnight said. “The case was dismissed before there was any decision on whether the case about her was defamatory.”

The suit was settled this year in January, but he admitted Brianna sued her father for defamation and “breach of a $1 million dollar insurance policy.”

“You heard that right. She dismissed a million-dollar case in exchange for payment of $318,000 with no admission that I did anything wrong and no requirement that I retract my statement or remove it from the Internet.”

The “Sister, Sister” star said if the roles were reversed, he would demand a “public apology” or “acknowledgment of wrongdoing.” He noted that the base value of the life insurance policy is $300,000 with $18,000 worth of interest, adding, “I did not defame her. I made no false statements. I made up no stories.”

McKnight closed the video by addressing rumors that he “abandoned” his older biological children.

“Those kids and I have had a long history of conflict, mutual estrangements, and resolutions. But there was a time we were truly a successfully blended family. Julia, Jack, Niko, and Brianna,” he stated. “Our home was filled with love and acceptance so much so that the kids were all calling each other siblings. Contrary to the picture that’s being painted online.”

He said, “Christmas’, birthday, thanksgiving, Friendsgivings, all spent together, even standing up for me as my best man in our wedding along with their brother Jack.”

The “Back at One” singer said that shortly afterward, there was another conflict over money, and they “parted ways.” But he said he didn’t expect Brian and Briana to share posts about him in 2019, stating another narrative that was allegedly false.

“I never abandoned anyone,” he shared. “But our estrangement was mutual. But those posts made any roads towards reconciliation and acknowledging a dead issue. And I changed my will the next day.”

A clip of McKnight’s video was shared on The Shade Room, where fans had mixed responses about his video.

“Do they ever cross your mind… anytime ?”

“They’ll abandon their own. But will take care, of another woman’s children.”

“Black fathers who rationalize their absence…. A visual.”

“Just because you talk slow and take long pauses doesn’t make you right brian.”

His ex-wife Julie also responded to McKnight’s video, while seemingly suggesting that he stop sharing. “Just. Stop. Talking. #Don’tpokethebear,” she wrote in her caption on Instagram. ” ‘Mama Bear’ 2023.”

What people are saying

8 thoughts on “‘He Is The One That Is My True Legacy’: Brian McKnight Speaks Out After Trolls Attack His Family Online and In Public, Explains Why He Named His Infant Son After His Firstborn

  1. Jewel says:

    I think it’s very sad and unfortunate that Brian abandoned his first set of biological children. It doesn’t matter whether they are grown or not.

  2. Yolanda Vaughn says:

    And he will be the one that grow up and crush your legacy

  3. lynette says:

    You can name your youngest son whatever you like, but to emphasize that “he” will be your legacy instead of the first (son) Brian taints the legacy will in my eyes. God chooses who carries on your legacy and your seed has already been planted; therefore you don’t have the authority to change what God has already set in motion. I believe you will regret that statement and you will eat those words.
    Also, your daughter wants money because that’s how she was raised. Money was super important in your household. She only wants it because you are withholding it. I’m so disappointed in your public family mess. You are NOT innocent and you need to do all that you can to fix this. That is within your power

  4. Alli says:

    Brian McKnight behavior reminded me of the way my late father would treat my siblings and me.

    Initially,he was a good father but once he met my stepmother,he abandoned us physically, mentally, spiritually and financially . I was 10 at the time. Not only that,I learned that I had another sibling from another relationship before he married my stepmother.During those turbulent times,my brother became man of the house while my mother had to work to feed her family while ignoring us. He didn’t care if we didn’t have any food,if we were dead or alive…oh yes,my uncle…his brother..had to take my sister to the emergency room with a temp of 104,while he refused to do it.

    Similarly to Brian,my dad also didn’t have much anything to do with his grandkids. My sister would invite him to their sporting tournaments and he did come but we were never to come to my other siblings events. As well as being left out of his events,were left out from dinners,trios ..anything that involved family. My sister also needed someone to take her kids to school early as she needed to go get to her job . My brother was already on his job,I had no car but when my sister asked my dad brother( by my stepmother) could they do it,they refused because they didn’t want to. My sister end up being late for work as a result crying from their wrongdoing . If it weren’t for her ,her kids would have been waiting to go in school in the dark.

    My dad’s beginning may have been great but his ending was sorrowful and full of regrets. You see,at the end he end going to a nursing home. My stepmoms health deteriorated to the point where she could no longer care for him. My little brother worked but when he didn’t care about them .He barely talked with them and hardly visited my dad at the nursing home. A couple of months later,my stepmother also a assistant care home. Seemingly,my brother didn’t care about her more than dad.

    Before my dad passed ,he told my siblings and me that he regretted his actions. Though I forgave him at the end but it was too late. He left this world with grandkids not knowing him or developing a relationship with them ..or us for that matter.

    When it comes to being parent ,it don’t end until the day you die. It’s not about child support ,it’s about familial support which Brian McKnight is being accused of not doing. If there is anything that Brian McKnight has taught me is to never abandon your family. At the beginning of my father’s life,he thought that he didn’t need us but at the end he did.This may be Brian’s destiny.

  5. Alli says:

    * while my father ignored us
    *My little brother worked but still didn’t care for the both of them.
    * Though I forgave them,it was too late

  6. Well from what I have seen tme after time the non biological kids normally because of a spouse or something else but no one knows the truth of what’s really gon why does it have to be thing I will say your biological kids you may be mad or disappointed with them but they have your blood running threw their veins your skin That’s your DNA YOURS GET IT RIGHT YOU ARE THEIR FATHER

  7. Sneakbish says:

    How can I play him at my wedding when he doesn’t treat his kids right… Now I have to find a new song cause he’s selfish I’m pissed

  8. Michelle says:

    Do you think saying that one is your true legacy is going to give you a since of being a good man or father. You have added salt to injury. You are very disrespectful to your other children. You throw child support in like it’s something to brag about. It’s your job to help pay for the raising of children you had. Did you ever take them to school, doctors office, or the emergency room and sit there with them. Time with them would show love and commitment. Whatever they are you made. Now here is my salt. If you gave as much love and affection to your first marriage as you openly give to your second, it might have made for a long loving life. I thought more highly of you, Brian McKnight. I am so disappointed.

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