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’I’m Still In Therapy’: Holly Robinson Peete Shares Hilarious Story of the Time She Accidentally Texted Her Son a Spicy Photo

The next time Holly Robinson Peete decides to send her husband a spicy photo, she might want to make sure she taps the correct contact name on her cellphone. 

Peete comically confessed how she learned that lesson during a questions game during her May 9 appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

Host Jennifer Hudson asked Peete if had ever sent an alluring photo to the wrong person. Peete then revealed that she, in fact, did — to her oldest son, Rodney Peete Jr.

Holly Robinson Peete recalls the time she accidentally sent her son a scandalous photo of herself. (Photo: ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’/ YouTube)

“Because my son and my husband have the same name, so,” said Peete as the talk show host gasped for air. “One time I may have sent something that was meant for my husband.”

The former “Masked Singer” contestant informed Hudson and the audience about her son’s autism, which played a factor in his blunt response

She continued, noting, “This is the one with autism, right, so he’s very black and white, he was like, ‘Mom, why you sending me a picture of your butt?’”

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A thunderous blend of laughter and screams quickly erupted from the audience before she revealed her clever response. 

“I was like, ‘Well, you know, I had something on it, honey,’” Peete said, “And you know, he was like ‘Oh, OK.’”

Before they shifted gears, the “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” actress joked that she sought therapy after her blunder. 

“I’m still in therapy, that one will get ya,” Peete laughed. “I’m still in therapy.”

The accident scarred Peete so much that she changed her son’s contact name to “first son” to prevent the mishap from happening again. 

As amusing as the video was, many fans couldn’t help but be mesmerized by Peete’s timeless beauty.

“Holly you made my day too funny.”

“She is aging so beautifully.”

“Looks stunning.”

Peete shares her 25-year-old son with former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete. The couple also have a daughter, Ryan Elizabeth, who is Rodney Jr.’s twin.

In addition to their older children, Holly and Rodney Sr. also share a 20-year-old son, Robinson James, and an 18-year-old son, Roman. 

Elsewhere during the interview, the “Chicago Fire” actress said the “secret sauce” to her 27-year marriage is a 20-second hug to defuse arguments when either spouse is mad or upset with the other.

Recently, the Peetes hosted the new competitive dating series “Queens Court” with Tamar BraxtonEvelyn Lozada, and singer Nivea as the contenders. 

As a seasoned couple, Holly and Rodney aided the ladies on their journey of love with words of advice and encouragement to help prepare the divas for romance. They will return for season 2.

Fans can watch all 10 episodes of “Queens Court” now only on Peacock. 

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